Zakharova Is Right: Greece Is A Lost NATO Cause (A View From Athens)

In the name of collective Western plans – to do harm to Russia at all costs – common sense has been sacrificed.

Greek Premier Mitsotakis: (on sending weapons to the Ukrainian civil war) ‘We are on the Right side of History’

The Fall of the Ex-USSR and Yugoslavia. ‘Peace’ through NATO

When Milosevic in the early 1990’s asked for a Balkan Federation with Greece to forestall what the West was up to the Greek political establishment in unison responded  ‘we belong to the West’. During the years of the Troika when the Greek political establishment offered the nation up as willing victims to distract away from the US financial collapse of 2008-9 by blaming the Greek working man for not writing receipts to cover up for the collapse of global capitalism, they had no problem in attacking Greek people Yeltsin style, by slashing wages/pensions across the board by 50% and creating mass unemployment. Mitsotakis was directly involved in this as a Minister of the New Democracy Samaras government alongside the remnants of PASOK.

For political reasons and because it was still quite new Greece didn’t directly get involved in the campaign of bombardment of Serbia at the behest of NATO. But they did provide ports and military bases for NATO operations like they are providing now. They also offered the Greek diplomatic service at the behest of the demands of NATO.

The bombing of Yugoslavia in the late 1980’s which lasted for 78 days ended early June 1989. Within a month those who allegedly were opposed to the war were in government together with those who were rabid proponents of the war. New Democracy and the KKE governed together in July 1989 a few weeks after the ending of the bombardment of Yugoslavia. They were subsequently in government for the next nine months with a change of government in between.

Yugoslavia was the dress rehearsal for what was to befall the ex-USSR. Legitimate or illegitimate demands (the real issues were never of any concern to the West) were supported to break up the ex-USSR into small conflicting parts so the West could control them. Hundreds of advisers arrived in Moscow dictating government policy with the aim of extracting raw materials at rock bottom prices after a crash privatization programme of all the profitable state assets and ensuring they were co-owned initially with the West before being taken over lock stock and barrel. It was only the non-payment crisis of the late 1990’s and the threat of storming the Kremlin that engineered Yeltsin’s departure overnight.

Greece was involved in the NATO onslaught in Yugoslavia providing military facilities and getting involved in all the surrender negotiations imposed on Serbian factions both in Bosnia and over Kosovo. Milosevic to his credit resurrected the idea of a Balkan Federation to block the attempts at EuroAmerican imperialism to play off one country against the other and within the countries. At the time Mitsotakis senior roundly put him down saying we belong to the West. Maps after maps were circulating about the future fate of ex-Yugoslavia and breaking it apart was the clear and open intention of the West. The propaganda regarding the ‘dictator’ ‘the new Hitler’, ‘the nationalist Milosevic’ were run of the mill stories circulated to justify intervention, dissolution and divide and rule on the carcass of the Yugoslav Federation.

Mitsotakis at each phase of the Yugoslav drama was involved in offering ‘peace’ treaties which were NATO inspired disarmament ones, against the Bosnian Serbs and eventually against Serbia and Milosevic himself. He said and did nothing when they imprisoned Milosevic and murdered him.

Mitsotakis family and the British connection.

Greek Premier Mitsotakis is personally related to Premier Venizelos the Cretan politician that dominated Greek politics in the tumultuous years of the early part of the 20th century. Venizelos had connections with Britain and France and the Royals in Greece that had connections with Germany. This political division proved deadly during WW1 as Greece was bombed into submission to accept joining the Allied Power which at the time included Russia.

At the onset of WW2, Mussolini thought Greece an easy catch and invaded without consulting Hitler only to be pushed back into Albania and suffer a humiliating defeat. The forces now allied with Hitler in Greece did everything in their power to overturn this victory and removed the army generals from their posts allowing Hitlers Germany to march in unopposed and take over.

During WW2, under occupation, the Greek nation faced with economic genocide via starvation was obliged to react. Rightist and leftist forces buried the political divide and started guerilla actions to the occupying forces. It has to be noted that both Hitler and Stalin had praise for the Greeks during WW2.
“Among all the enemies who stand against us, the Greek soldier fought with the most courage” (Hitler)
“I am sorry because I am getting old and I shall not live long to thank the Greek People, whose resistance decided WW II.” (Joseph Stalin)

In this period Britain got involved by sending emissaries with money to help/influence the partisans. It is said that during this period Mitsotakis (now deceased) senior was bought for by British intelligence.

The influence and rise of the Greek Communist Party- KKE within the broadbased resistance and in particular its guerilla leader Velouhiotis obviously disturbed the British and they embarked on a unique experiment. Supporting the Greek quisling politicians of the 3rd Reich against the Greek population. As is noted by Ed Vulliamy in the Guardian

“The 1944 December uprising and ’46-’49 Civil War period infuses the present” says the leading historian of these events, Andre Gerolymatos, “because there has never been a reconciliation. In France or Italy, if you fought the Nazis, you were respected in society after the war, regardless of ideology; they were heroes. In Greece, you found yourself fighting – or imprisoned and tortured by – the people who had collaborated with the Nazis, on British orders. There has never been a reckoning with that crime, and much of what is happening in Greece now is the result of not coming to terms with the past. Myth and polemic have too long dominated historical discourse”.

If one goes back into history its obviously what happened in the Yalta Agreements where Greece was handed 90/10% to the West and the Russian supporters in Greece around the resistance movement EAM-ELAS supported this decision by handing over their weapons and demobilising. This didn’t stop the sinister foreign backers of the Greek government of Papandreou despite the participation of the Greek Left (KKE) in a government of National Unity (1944). So being a EuroAmerican puppet for every post war Greek PM goes with the territory.

Ukraine: Back to the Future for Greek Politics

Although much hue and cry was made regarding the rise of the fascistic Golden Dawn in the last decade and Greece pretended they were fighting Nazis once more on home turf, ie the political descendants of the quisling WW2 administrations suddenly became anti-nazi, the proof of the matter is that it was all a show, a charade to unite the political establishment behind the IMF and Brussels.

The fact that the Greek government openly participates and sends weapons to the Ukrainian civil war to prop up the Azov, Svoboda and general Banderite gangsters many of which owe their political revival from the importation of the current relatives of the Banderites the USA exported to the West much like any other serious Nazis at the end of WW2. Greece owes its political allegiance to the quislings of the 3rd Reich. It senses that if they are defeated in the Ukraine it will be a defeat for them as well not only personally but financially. The Americans for other reasons not really of this article have already attacked wholeheartedly the present Greek government in a Pulitzer prize winning piece with regards to alleged drug dealing by the ship owner class that runs Greece behind the scenes.

It was Greek shipping that developed the transportation of liquefied gas on container ships and that is what allows eg. the UK an independence from the reliance on Russian gas. But the same rules do not apply for continental Europe. Without direct gas imports to cover the shortfall in nationally produced energy eg. coal, Europe freezes and there is no other reliable source anywhere else in the world now nuclear power has essentially been removed in Japan and Germany as an alternative source of energy. The Greek shipping class has a direct interest in increasing the shipping of liquefied gas. Worldwide orders since 2018 are set at a +10% increase.

Why Zacharova is right.

“Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world has stood up and stopped the bastard, the bitch that bore him is in heat again.”

Bertold Brecht

You cannot claim to be part of the ‘liberal western democratic order’ and support outright genocidal policies against the Russian nation that allowed you to have those democratic freedoms in the first place with the 27million dead against Nazism.

On two counts Zacharova notes the following:

“We noted the unprecedented campaign launched in Greece to defame Russia’s policy. Senior officials in Athens allow themselves to make crude accusations against our country and its leadership, they are literally competing with like-minded people in it. They hypocritically speak of an “unprovoked attack” against Ukraine, for the first time since World War II, a “mass invasion” and so on.

It should be recalled that with the efforts, first of all, of the US and its satellites, wars and conflicts have shaken the world for all the last decades – the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, the operations in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan. No one has taken responsibility for the enormous sacrifices and sufferings of the peoples of these countries

In the name of collective Western plans – to do harm to Russia at all costs – common sense has been sacrificed. Bilateral ties are being deliberately damaged, and Russian-Greek relations, unfortunately, are no exception. Athens actively supports the EU sanctions regime. They accuse us of so-called “energy blackmail,” proclaiming the goal of rapid independence from Russian gas, whose uninterrupted supplies have been a stabilizing factor for the national energy sector for decades. Under the collective direction of Brussels, the Greek sky closed for the Russian airlines. The order was given to suspend all cooperation in the field of culture, to terminate the Common Tribute Years. There are calls for a complete cessation of any cooperation. Essentially, for the sake of vague and dubious goals, the Greek leadership is ready to nullify our own common historical heritage, which only yesterday it called its natural advantage in cooperating with Russia.”

Also the following gem:

 “Ukrainian biological labarotaroes sponsored by the US Ministry of Defence in sum of millions of dollars to develop biological weapons.

In Ukraine, these biological labarotaroes were under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.

In the summer of 2016, the demadministration of Barrack Obama sent Ulyana Suprun to Ukraine, an American citizen who became the Minister of Health of Ukraine.

Father Ulyana Suprun – George Harry Yurkiv, Vice President of North American Controls Inc has resigned. The company specialises in the development of control systems for the defense ministry: from development to delivery of products.

Grandfather Ulyana Suprun – Ivan Yurkiv was a commander in the army of independent Ukraine in 1919. It is reported that at the beginning of the 2nd World War, he consisted of Bander forces and participated in battles and diversion operations against Soviet troops in the Carpathians.

Ulyana Suprun’s husband -Marco Suprun – a propagandist and producer from Canada. Ukraine is known for its connections with ultra-right activists.

Just one example of how demilitarisation and denazification works.

Zacharovas FB page.

The problem in trying to argue with the converted and in particular those who are in awe of death squads, outright Nazism and in love with outright forms of degenerate behaviour is that words lose their meaning and bricks usually come handy. I am not obviously arguing that Zacharova should lob bricks at the Greek Embassy in Moscow, but that is  indirectly occurring by the nazi wing of Ukrainian politics as we have been informed in the last day or two that the Greek consul in Mariupol is trapped inside the consulate and held hostage by Azov battalions, who if they commit yet another atrocity will blame it on …Putin. This might actually be payback for the attempted provocation by a Greek convoy that left Mariupol to show to Greeks at home how evil Russians are as the envoy didn’t join them. He probably new his number was up and stayed in Mariupol.

Since US Ambassador to Greece Pyatt a protégé of Negroponte (who became infamous for running death squads from Central America, through to Yugoslavia then Iraq and Libya), has been ambassador to Greece, the Greek government has adopted an ever more blatant anti-Russian stance.

From the blockage of tourist visas and expulsion of Russian Embassy staff (by radical left Syriza) to the current sanctions against Russia by the current Greek government which will impact the Greek economy more than the other way round. Greece has already lost agricultural exports to Russia, then tourists and now will lose gas. The only consolation in this whole sordid affair is that Greeks do not show enthusiasm for this anti-Russian stance. But if we don’t actively campaign and show support on the streets for the Russian special military operation and denazification campaign in Ukraine there will be no hope for us, we will be erased from history.

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