Anti-Russian Greek Provocations In The Ukraine?

The Greek government did not provide evacuation of Greeks who wanted to leave Ukraine. Instead, they provided a military plane with weapons to continue the war against Donetsk and the Greeks that reside there whilst at the same time flying to Pakistan and Bangladesh and signing memorandums of understanding to ship over +150k locals for the much-needed Greek labour market which already has unofficially 30% unemployment.

Since the special military operation/incursion by Russia into ex-Soviet territory after eight years of war and the failure of Minsk 1 and 2 due to the inability of neofascist forces in Ukraine to stick to any agreements and the +14k dead from the conflict with two autonomous republics in Donetsk, the Greek government of New Democracy via its foreign minister Dendias, has been working overtime in being engaged in lies and possible outright provocations.

Dendia the Foreign Minister who has spent the last few months flying around the world at the behest of the demented clowns that run Washington first showed his hand when he issued a directive on 12th February that all Greeks should leave Ukraine. Dendias visited Mariupol and met the leaders of the Greek community which allegedly number (total) +100k to allegedly show solidarity with the citizens there but not the Greeks in Donetsk (over +70k) who have been shelled continuously for the last eight years from the Azov battalion whose main base is in Mariupol. In other words he was either there to organise a provocation or set the framework for one to occur.

It’s a long time since the ‘radical Greek left’ Syriza complained to the then Greek foreign minister Venizelos in 2014 about the neo nazi provocations against the Greeks in Donetsk. Now its all Putin, who by the way declared the autonomous republics in Donetsk to finally be under the military umbrella of Russia, thus ensuring the majority of Greeks survival, but hey erasing Greeks has been the cornerstone of EU policy first via the decade long Memorandums of Economic Genocide (EU-ECB-IMF) and then two years of Convid Lockdowns.

The Greek government did not provide evacuation of Greeks who wanted to leave Ukraine. Instead, they provided a military plane with weapons to continue the war against Donetsk and the Greeks that reside there whilst at the same time flying to Pakistan and Bangladesh and signing memorandums of understanding to ship over +150k locals for the much-needed Greek labour market which already has unofficially 30% unemployment.

Coming Greek Anti-Russian Convoy Provocation?

We read and heard about the convoy of the Greeks who are leaving Mariupol. This convoy, organized by the Greek consul, consists of 20 cars and carries 82 Greeks who will cross all over Ukraine to reach the eastern border where a diplomatic delegation will be waiting for them.

The whole event sounds and is extremely fishy.

a) When you leave a war-torn country, you head to the nearest border, not the most remote ones. Unless to get to the nearest ones, you have to go through battle areas. But the opposite is happening here. Already, according to his article in. Gr, 140,000 inhabitants of Mariupol have fled to Russia, passing through areas that have already been liberated and under the protection of the Russian army, which is objectively the strongest on the ground. Apparently to show that only the west offers security, the consul decided to send them from the most dangerous road. It is no wonder that he did not participate in the convoy himself.

b) Mariupol is the base of the ‘Azov battalion’, consisting of Ukrainians and other neo-Nazis and mercenaries of US created Blackwater. Together with like-minded people, they are accused by the Russians, quite rightly, of being responsible for the attacks on inhabited areas that are then attributed to the Russian army. With the Russians preparing to occupy the city, it is natural that many of this scum who could have left for the west – precisely in the area from   which passes the convoy.

c) Marioupoli is historically a Greek city. It seems that it still has a large percentage of Greek inhabitants (Wikipedia, i.e. the CIA, informs us: “The majority of them are concentrated around the city of Mariupol. According to the 2001 Ukrainian census, 91,548 Greeks live in Ukraine). Of these, the consulate  managed to gather 82 people (along with the journalists from Greece). Less than one in a thousand that is. Why didn’t they want more to be saved from the ‘Russian danger’? These individuals are now marked with crosses on their forehead. Greek government have no issue in sending Greeks to their deaths at the behest of the US-EU (troika economic genocide, fire in Mati, Evia, floods etc.)

d) As if the above are not enough, the in itself Greece – that is, the American embassy – warns us that the convoy will be hit by Russia who want to discredit the Azov battalion (apparently it has such an honourable reputation, no need of defamation). A more open provocation could not be stated beforehand.

e) Normally, in the midst of the loss of this convoy, the convoy should be running to leave as quickly as possible (to travel at night in the bombings, one might say? Yes, I answer, being in constant communication with the two warring sides in order to make its mark so as not to be targeted). Instead, arriving in Zaporizia (which anyway seems to be on the front of the war, since the Russians have occupied the suburb of Energodar but not the city itself), the organizers of the convoy judged (they had probably predetermined it) that the wisest thing to do was to take a good nap in order to start tomorrow fresh. Is this so that they can be hit in the light of day so that there is a wealth of visual material?

Hopefully I will be proven wrong. However, when provocations are made, they are usually done by the person who needs them.  The one who needs them is not the one who wins on the battlefields. As for the fact that some people want to discredit the most infamous criminal gang in the region, this is now a global joke, though one does not know where it originated from Athens-Greece or Virginia-USA

Again, hopefully I am very suspicious and that all the strange coincidences are the result of disorganization and stupidity. If, however, the consul has remained in Mariupol, which is probably going to be taken over within the next few days, he will probably be called upon to give explanations…

Back to the future? Bailing out modern neo-nazis?

When Ukraine banned minority languages including Russian this set the state for Yugoslav style progroms when Croatia and Slovenia attacked all Serbs in the midst of their territories. Greeks wouldn’t even stand a chance. Its an irony not lost on people that the Greek Left have been champions of all minorities in Greece but hate all Greek minorities abroad (Albania, Cyprus, past periods of history in Turkey, Egypt etc.)

The Greek Left composed of Syriza and KKE held a joint march to the Russian Embassy to condemn the Russian ‘invasion’ thus siding openly with NATO. Its an irony of history that whilst Putin has announced openly the de-nazification of Ukraine ie the Zelensky regime which works unnoficially with the Azov battalion (who honour the Waffen SS and Stephen Bandera the Nazi collaborator whose family were Greek catholics, during WW2) that Greece was never de-nazified. Instead the present government are direct political and familial descendants of those that ruled with Hitlers occupation in Greece.

It doesn’t though end there. After Churchill achieved the disarmament of the anti-fascist Greek military coalition of EAM-ELAS (1944) at the Varkiza Agreements he launched a bitter civil war to destroy militarily all those who they thought would attempt a de-nazification of Greece. After the Missouri speech British forces handed over the helm of anti-communism to the US forces who via the Truman doctrine inaugurated the de-communistization of Greece and Turkey.

The general in charge of the UK-US forces in the Greek civil war was a man named Thrasyvoulos Tsakalotos the uncle of the current 2nd in command of Syriza, Eucleid Tsakalotos. An umbilical cord ties the Greek Left with the Anglo-American Empire and the evidence of that is becoming quite clear. The problems will emerge of course if the Russian incursion into Ukraine is as successful as the previous ones in Chechnya and Georgia.

The effect of this new cold war and the banning of all trade with Russia will have dire economic effects on Greece which relies on Russian gas and Russian tourism. Greek people have more to lose in a break with Russia than to gain. The only positive in the whole appalling situation is that Russias incursion into Ukraine has destroyed the 24/7 coverage of Covid which has been going on for a full two years with no let up.

NATO after its hasty retreat from Afghanistan will be proven to be what it was all along, a paper tiger and the USA true to its history of only attacking countries which are inferior to it: economically, militarily and non-nuclear powers.

The problem the Greek politicians will have, is that de-nazification (not of the Soros sponsored antifa) will become fashionable once more and their history is tainted not only with volumes of Greek blood, but with serious war crimes that they never accounted for due to the role of the Big Powers after the end of WW2.  History though has a nasty way of taking its revenge.

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