Russia Plans to Use Crypto to Mitigate US Sanctions Over Ukraine

Russia is trying to use crypto to mitigate US sanctions over Ukraine as the US steps to intervene

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has got the world scared, thinking about the result of the battle. Several nations have come forward in support of Ukraine, asking Russia to back off. The Biden administration stated that the Government will impose harsh economic sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, which began Thursday morning. But the increased adoption of cryptocurrencies is helping Russian President Vladimir Putin escape the first wave of financial sanctions from America and the country may soon legalize cryptocurrencies in order to come out of this situation and avoid any digital sanctions as it invades Ukraine. 

Experts believe that billionaire Russian oligarchs who are close to Russian President Vladimir Putin could potentially minimize the effects of the sanctions thanks to the emergence of cryptocurrencies. The decentralized nature of digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum enables governments and non-governmental entities with benefits like peer-to-peer transactions, regardless of the fact that they are cut off from traditional banking services. 

Cryptocurrencies are well-known for becoming the preferred method for money laundering by some international criminals. Other governments that have been targets of such sanctions, including Iran and North Korea, have relied on top-notch digital currencies to mitigate such adverse financial effects. 

Sanctions are said to be some of the most powerful tools that the United States and European countries have to influence the behavior of nations that they do not consider allies or those that turn as notorious as Russia. The US is particularly in favor of using sanctions as a diplomatic tool because the dollar is the world’s reserve currency and is used in payments all over the world. 

Several crypto analysts expect that the crypto industry might mature after its utilization in what most media houses suspect to be is the World War 3. Administration officials are also urging the cryptocurrency industry to levy some internal controls that can prevent malpractitioners to interfere in such critical situations. 

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