GMeta.One Launches Forex Partnership With Dr. Chris Cole

Gmeta.One NFT and metaverse platform is excited to announce another project milestone. The metaverse platform has entered into an official partnership with crypto and forex trading platform,


The 1% Trading Room and its founder, 8-figure forex and cryptocurrency trader – Dr. Chris Cole. News of this partnership comes just as GMeta.One has moved into the second round of their 100% live presale event.

This round’s target is $2 million USD of raised capital towards the $5 million target.

The metaverse company’s alliance with Dr. Chris Cole, is a strategic move that brings together the crowd of early investors of the GMeta.One platform and $GMO token with yet another growing community.

Platform users were GMeta.One is actively building, like Decentraland and Crypto Voxels, are effectively brought together with the thousands of traders and students who follow Dr. Cole for his real-time live trading and educational offering.

“We wanted to do something unique and bring our platform together with another progressive brand in the crypto and trading space. Our partnership with Dr. Chris Cole and the 1% Trading Room is going to help provide another vehicle for people to learn and grow.” –  Richmond, Head of Operations, GMeta.One

Why does this partnership make sense?

GMeta.One hybrid metaverse platform is focused not only on creating a platform that enables its platform users to engage in businesses like virtual land brokering, investing, and NFT staking, but the metaverse team is also heavily engaged in the education sector.

The team’s GMetaVAcademy platform is designed to teach students fundamental and advanced metaverse and crypto-related subject matter in an aim to help individuals learn and actively transition their comprehension into some form of profitable interaction within the metaverse economy.

The GMeta.One partnership with Dr. Cole and the 1% Trading Room is going to do just that, as the alliance makes way for another course offering on the academy platform.

This course will provide another resource for the GMeta.One platform users to gain insight and useful information, per GMeta.One goal and corporate vision. It is a noteworthy mention that GMeta.One has already begun adding to the offering of courses even before the $GMO metaverse token officially launches.

The 1% Trading room will add an element of trading and insight into the forex market, to bring the two together on one VR platform.

Partnerships, alliances, and development have been the focuses for GMeta.One. The metaverse company has already acquired close to two dozen metaverse properties across platforms.

The most recent land acquisitions for GMeta.One were more virtual property in Decentralanad as well as a medium sized world in the Somnium Space cube VR world, located in an extremely dense area within the metaverse iteration.

Some other GMeta.One virtual properties have undergone some development. The GMeta.One arena has been completely constructed within the Crypto Voxels web3 space.

The team has mentioned plans to feature artists and entertainers for full metaverse concerts in the future, which will bridge traffic from all metaverses thanks to GMeta.One’s unique existence in the parallel between metaverses, brought together by way of its own platform, existing as a kind of centralized hub which serves as a connecting point for the interconnecting web3 worlds.

The team also wants to develop upon the momentum that the first presale round helped to spark.

With GMeta.One moving further into the second round of the live presale event, more partnerships and alliances are expected, as the company pursues the primary goal of more metaverse real estate in preparation for the building phase that is listed in future steps of its project roadmap.

The team announced its first winners with the closing of round one, with additional prizes, giveaways and special surprises accompanying this next live presale round as well.

40 GMeta.One NFTs, 5 Oculus Quest VR Gaming Headsets, and thousands of $GMO tokens were given away as part of the first round of contests, along with the first group of individuals being entered in for a chance to win 1 of 3 Dodge Challenger Hellcats.

The next weeks should bring more of the same for GMeta.One. The team is focused on bringing more investor awareness to the metaverse project, bridging together developed metaverse worlds like Somnium Space and others, for the benefit of the collective community of users gathering around the corporate GMeta.One vision.

The team is focusing on continuing the strategy in implementation by crypto SEO firm Coinpresso, and building upon the momentum of the live zoom presentations, social media buzz and growing online telegram community as the 5 presale rounds continue.

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