These Metrics Hinting Bitcoin (BTC) Price Breaching To $33k Level, Is 20% Correction Inevitable?

The cryptosphere has revolved back to the lows of the price projections, as a result, the market charts have been painted in red. The turbulence has persuaded the crypto market cap to shed 5.8% of gains over the day to $1.94 Trillion. The price tag of the star crypto Bitcoin is now discounted by 6.6% to $40,781.31.


The reddish price metrics have triggered fear and uncertainty in the crypto town. Wherefore, the fear and greed index has bogged down to fear at a score of 30. From the previous day’s neutral sentiments at a score of “52”, which is a deeper plunge. Successively, market proponents have been analyzing the on-chain metrics for speculative derivatives.

Are These Metrics Signalling At Another Dump?

The on-chain metrics of Bitcoin have been moving along the side winds, whilst posing a lack of ardour. Learning from sources, the daily NetFlow of the star crypto is down by 401.8 M. The number of spent outputs with a lifespan of 2y-3y (7D MA) has reached a 7-month low of 61.792. The number of exchange deposits of BTC for 7D MA has reached a 20-month low of 1,935.071, the previous 20-month low was on the 23rd of June 2020.

Successively, the number of BTC transactions (7D MA) hit a month low of 10,274.67. In addition Bitcoin’s adjusted SOPR (1D MA) has dropped below “1”, which is a negative sign for the star crypto. The UTXO in the percentage of loss has reached the bottom from mid-2020. The count of which at press time stood at 19,971,859, while the ones in profit counts at 58,464,258.

The kingpin Bitcoin has spectated transaction volumes for around the clock at $41.99 B. While the adjusted transaction volume for the same time is at $20.80 B. The total supply in exchanges is at $62.29. In succession, the total withdrawals including E2E for 24-hours stood at $973 M. In the interim, the total deposits including E2E for 24-hours are at $724 M. 

In contrast, according to analytics firm Crypto Quant, over 10k BTC have flowed into spot exchanges over recent days. Sections of proponents believe that BTC would need more time to recover according to the “Directional Movement Index” (DMI). 

Summing up, the metrics justify the prevailing negative sentiments in the business. Traders from the business are pondering over the price of BTC breaching its near crucial support at $38,000. Losing grip from which could take the price to the cycle low at $33,116.0. We can expect things to deteriorate if the sentiments catch the wind of the incoming Crypto Executive Order. That said, the business would need some time to recover completely as previously cited.

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