In The Prolonged Ripple Vs SEC Lawsuit, Is XRP Price Conspired To Remain Bound to $0.5?

The crypto business’s biggest legal brawl, while finding no end in sight, continues to spectate the roaring voice of the XRP army.  While the discovery deadline finds dates to the end of the month, the business is leaving no stones unturned in standing against injustice. 

Successively, the prolonging brawl is persuading folks to ponder over the outcome of the case. In the interim, the SEC sees another stab coming in from Empower Oversight. To contradict its unruly and stubborn stance in the business. That further stimulates Ripple’s stance in its lawsuit. 

Ripple’s Brawl Is XRP’s Loss!

The SEC and Ripple are continuing to wrestle their arms with numerous motions to back each other’s arguments. However, the case seems to be weighing heavier more on the side of Ripple. This can be seen in the recent motion by the SEC, where the regulatory body cited supplementary authority to assist its argument in retaliation to Ripple’s fair notice defense.

Ripple did roll up its sleeves to obtain the documents about Hinman’s speech, which the SEC denied to grant, under DPP. However, in a recent ruling in January, the judge has ruled in favor of Ripple asking the SEC to share drafts and emails relating to Hinman’s speech. Since the ruling around DPP was made in Ripple’s favor. Folks are optimistic of further hearings prevailing in favor of Ripple.

The SEC continues to get exposed to its unruly and stubborn act of doing business. In a recent update, Empower Oversight has filed a new request with the SEC seeking documents. That would portray how it searched for records related to alleged conflicts related to cryptocurrencies of interests prior to claiming that “no responsive records” existed. 

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The request aims to uncover how diligently the SEC searched for records relating to Clayton, Hinman, and Berger communications. Empower Oversight had previously requested the SEC to provide the respective documents which it failed to deliver. 

Summing up, folks from the business are curious and have been waiting anxiously for an outcome, which is expected to prevail by mid-year. If the ruling turns in favor of the SEC, which is unlikely, the regulator would get draconian powers against cryptos. If it prevails in favor of Ripple which should, the crypto business would receive clarity over regulations. 

The triumph would propel XRP price to a new ATH, owing to the reason for it being lone crypto with distinctive clarity. Moreover, we have come across the statements coming in from the makers of the company going public. The implications of which are no rocket science.

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