Top Five Best Domestic Robotics Applications in Smart Cities

This article features the top five best domestic robotics applications in smart cities

Domestic robots are gaining more popularity these days. According to reports, the global sales value of domestic robots is forecasted to grow from US$4.3 billion in 2019 to US$10 billion in 2023. Today, one can find numerous technologies in smart cities and homes, but do you know all the robotics applications? Kitchen robots, companion robots, and more are examples of domestic robotics applications used in smart cities. Here are the top 5 of them:


Robotic Fitness Trainers

People cite a lack of time as the main reason for not exercising regularly. The solution to all these issues is robotic fitness trainers. According to the researchers, robotic fitness trainers are also useful for astronaut training, pilot training, and surgery. It is one of the best domestic robotics applications in smart cities.


Robotic Kitchens

The system features a dexterous robot integrated into a luxury kitchen that prepares freshly-cooked meals at the touch of a button. The first of such operations executed by kitchen robots is cooking. Certain kitchen robots can create a repertoire of dishes they can prepare from specific ingredients.


Companion Robots

Companion robots is an application of robotics in smart cities that brings together several elements—assistive technologies (AT), information and communication technologies (ICT), computer vision, IoT, and AI to assist the needy with tasks such as getting out of bed without anybody’s help, providing medicines at certain times during the day and mobility-related assistance. It is one of the best domestic robotics applications in smart cities.


Smart Management and Control

Nearly all the robotics systems deployed in the city are meant to modernize and improve the management and controls of various functions. The robots serve as an extension to the existing smart urban ecosystem. Examples include autonomous delivery robots, driverless bus shuttles, and state-subsidized service robots that act as maids. It is one of the best robotics applications in smart cities.


Improving Low-Resource Communities

There are impoverished areas or less-fortunate neighborhoods in many cities where both inhabitants and events tend to go unnoticed—not necessarily out of negligence or neglect, but because of how bustling urban environments tend to be. With the help of smart technologies, these less-serviced and low-resource communities can be properly supported. The improved efficiency means more funds should be available to funnel into these communities. It is one of the best robotics applications in smart cities.

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