Jared Whitaker: Meticulously Delivering Elite Business Strategies and Plans in the Financial Sphere

Jared Whitaker: Meticulously Delivering Elite Business Strategies and Plans in the Financial Sphere

by Analytics Insight

January 19, 2022

Fluid is a full all-in-one project, program, meeting, and productivity management tool. The company provides one single ecosystem for customers ‘project work. Fluid has a single interface for managing every aspect of a project such as reporting, financials, resourcing, planning, risk management, document management, timesheets, and more. It also brings the full offering of Kanban and Sprint boards into one system with the project workspace and has a full meeting management module that automates the manual admin around the project meetings. Fluid is a one-stop shop for full project delivery. The company also has a built-in chat functionality that allows the users to collaborate in any context on any given item. The users find a reduction in emails, a reduction in meeting times, a reduction in manual reporting due to our automation, and just overall ease of use.


A Versatile Leader

Jared Whitaker is the CEO of Fluid. He joined the company in 2020 as the COO and since then he has been ensuring a smooth running and business optimization of all operations.  He was appointed as the CEO in July 2021. At his current role, he grows the business, ensures successful scaling, and secures the future of the business with proper investments and planning.


Leading Large Acquisitions and Mergers at the Front

Jared has been working in large banks and financial services institutions for the past 18 years and has been involved in some of the largest projects and pieces of work available in various mergers and acquisitions in order to power regulatory efforts such as Brexit and Basel 2. Jared has hands-on experience in the business sector as he has been on the management committee of large institutions by working closely with the day-to-day running of businesses.


Overcoming the Challenge of Personal and Perspective Changes

Jared believes that the main challenge for him is to make sure that he stays the same and keeps being himself. “It’s easy to try and follow what other people teach, but you can lose some of what makes you unique if you only repeat what others do,” says Jared. He tries to focus hard on earning lessons from others and applying them to himself so that he can bring his strengths to the work as well to ensure a proper flow.


People First, Product Next: A Thoughtful Initiative

“Any entrepreneur’s or leaders’ foremost responsibility is to take care of his or her people,” says Jared. There are many ways to do this, but the best way is to promote transparency. He adds, “Involve all your team members in business-level updates. Let them know they’re a part of a larger vision. Talk to them about their dreams and the emotions that go with them, mentioned Jared. Ask for feedback and truly listen.” Jared strongly believes that no matter how glaring the gap in the market and how innovative your solution is, putting people first (and encouraging them to put clients first) will take you to far greater heights, than putting your product first will ever do. “Think about the waves you could help make by truly putting your people first, working a better day, and living a better life,” claims Jared.


Creating Questions to Find the Right Answer

Jared asserts that Fluid focuses on what is best for its users, what will make their lives easier, and what will benefit them the most. He adds that the company has such a great team all of whom have a huge focus on client service. Fluid works with clients to make sure that they get the most out of the company, whether it’s the standard functionality or an innovative custom build-up. “There is no secret recipe, it’s purely down to having such a fantastic team, culture, and drive to deliver top-quality service,” expresses Jared.


Towards New Horizons

Jared reveals that Fluid is in a scale-up mode now. The company is taking on more and more clients, across the existing areas of the UK, US, and Africa regions. It is also branching out into new geographies such as the Middle East and Europe. “Fluid is growing rapidly and the sky is the limit,” says Jared.


Advice to Future CEOs in Action

Jared states that he believes that the CEO is responsible for the strategic planning, decision-making, and the overall success of an entity or any other business organization, making top-level managerial decisions. According to Jared, one should learn from everyone who has come before them but he also asserts to remember to be themselves as they also have new thoughts and insights to offer.

“Read! Read! Read!” he concludes!!!

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