Top 10 Best Data Science Companies for Freshers in 2022

by Satavisa Pati

January 14, 2022

The data science companies are going big in 2022

Big dData science companies are experts in detecting and mitigating unusual and risky data. Not every business has the revenue to recruit a data scientist. As a result, they look for big data analytics firms for all data-related services. Here, we have researched the list of companies from Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Jaipur, Pune and created the list of top 10 big data analytics companies in India 2021 – 2022 based on their service and market performance.


1. HData Systems

At HData Systems, we create custom data analysis tools that parse big data and convert it into meaningful information for your business. We then convert structured and unstructured data into distinctly visible metrics that help you identify the best for your business. By imagining the results, our analysts make findings understandable for non-technical users. HData Systems is an India-based Data Science firm helping companies to increase their productivity and performance with the service of analytical approaches.


2. Hyperlink InfoSystem

As a reliable data science services provider, Hyperlink InfoSystem allows organizations to conceptualize and execute a well-thought-out big data program. They have the tools and infrastructure and an experienced team of data scientists, analysts, and developers to help your business harness the power of data and solve data difficulties. They aim to transform your tough data sets into powerful reports, dashboards, and visualizations with big data analytic services for business owners to gain insights into their businesses.


3. Tata Consultancy Services

TCS is one of India’s top IT companies and placed among the most valuable IT services brands worldwide. The company offers services like mobile apps, blockchain, Internet of Things, cloud solutions, automation, and AI, enterprise apps, and many more. It was established in 1968 and now functions in 149 locations across 46 nations.


4. Accenture

This is a Fortune Global 500 company rendering services like app development, cloud, Oracle, salesforce, SAP, software engineering, blockchain, supply chain & operations, etc. The company has over 492K employees serving clients from 200 cities in 120 countries.


5. Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is a subsidiary of Mahindra Group, offering IT services for almost all sectors. This company has 125K employees across 90 nations and 900 plus active worldwide clients. It provides services like web and app development, enterprise business solutions, cloud solutions, digital supply chain, data science, and many more.


6. SAP

SAP is a company started by former employees of IBM. The main business of the company is providing enterprise solutions, but business analytics software is also a big part of the services they provide. SAP is one of the biggest providers of business analytics services in the world. Their analytics services are aimed at sales and marketing, human resources, finance, and operations.


7. Salesforce

Considered to be one of the best companies to work for, Salesforce is truly a force to reckon in the customer relationship management industry. Today, the company has many offices all over the world. They also provide business analytics software services. Salesforce’s analytics is known as Einstein Analytics and uses AI to make an analysis. This analytics software also incorporates data that is not generated inside the Salesforce ecosystem, making it a popular choice.


8. Tableau

With revenue that is expected to cross US$1 billion in the coming years, Tableau is market leader despite being a small company. Owing to its focus on business analytics, it was recently purchased by Salesforce. However, the company still functions as independent and enjoys the push given by being associated with Salesforce. Tableau provides analytics in the best visual formats and the latest version of Tableau provides highly scalable data vector maps.


9. Qlik

Qlik is another data analytics service provider that is solely focussed on business intelligence and analytics software, tools, and services. The company was originally founded in Sweden but has now moved base to the USA in the state of Pennsylvania. Their previous software, QlikView provided an advantage, which was that the data and sources were not dependent on query-based models. Their new product, QlikSense, incorporates the use of AI and functions more like a service than a product.


10. Mu Sigma Analytics

Mu Sigma Analytics is one of the best companies for analytics as their analytics incorporate an equal amount of human intelligence. Rather than giving all the power to the software or tool, it gives the user the power to make use of the tool to the best of their abilities. Mu Sigma has built quite a reputation in a short while thanks to their excellent services. They also provide professional management services. These services are also based on their analytics software and tools.

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