Top AI Start-ups Working for the Betterment of Railway Industry

AI start-ups benefit the railway industry by accelerating the ongoing digital transformation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a buzzword that is boosting innovation. All around the world, artificial intelligence technologies are being adopted by all industries to drive efficiency, improve productivity and reduce costs. The rail industry is no exception. Fuelled by intelligence from AI-driven systems and applications, railway operations are becoming safer, smarter, and more reliable, significantly enhancing the passenger travel experience and freight logistics services. Many AI start-ups are coming up to create rail-specific solutions across the world. Here is the list of such top AI start-ups working for the betterment of the railway industry.



CloudMoyo is on a mission to help enterprises juggle the challenges of cloud data architecture and embrace the value of using data to drive business outcomes. The US-based start-upCloudMoyo develops CloudMoyo Rail Transportation Management (CRTM), a cloud, AI, and big data-based solution designed for various types of trains and train operators. They provide comprehensive services for crew management, locomotive management, equipment control systems, intermodal transit management, and waybill management, to name a few.



TRAINFO prevents traffic delays and accidents at rail crossings by helping drivers reroute before they encounter a train. The company pioneered technologies that predict traffic delays at rail crossings up to 30 minutes before a train arrives and integrate this information into roadside signs, traffic signal management systems, and emergency dispatch software. As the exclusive provider of this information, TRAINFO is the leader in reducing traffic congestion, vehicle emissions, collision risk, and emergency vehicle delays at rail crossings. Founded in 2016, TRAINFO has quickly become the preferred option for government agencies seeking affordable and effective innovations to solve traffic issues at rail crossings.



OXplus was founded in 2010 with an enormous passion and experience in the field of maintenance and service management with a strong focus on Rolling Stock, infrastructure and capacity issues. By mapping risks, costs, losses, and performance through Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) makes the business of companies is predictable, transparent, and measurable through the deployment of standard and/or customized solutions. OXplus offers a suite of services for digitizing the rail industry. They offer sensors for rolling stock and infrastructure equipment and communication services for the rail network.


Visight Technology

This organization fulfills the requirements of the aim of contributing to the development of national technology required vision, especially artificial intelligence, which pioneered technological transformation in intelligence, is cost-effective, and is a technology company that develops reliable solutions. The start-up provides a screenshot algorithm for the smart identification of contraband. The algorithm is built using artificial intelligence (AI) combined with a large amount of security image data. Leveraging AI and image data, the start-up provides services to rail transit operators to make rail security monitoring processes more efficient.



JNCTION is a rail tech start-up based in London and its mission is to ‘Improve the experience for rail passengers. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by Train Operating Companies and rail passengers, the company is using modern digital technologies to create innovative and reliable digital rail solutions which improve communications and performance and provide a better customer experience. Its products include operations tools, TOC staff apps, and passenger information solutions.



D-Rail provides everyday status information regarding your railway. It provides a relative condition of the railway, trend analyses, and automated alarms; on tracks, trackbed, catenary, third rail, and ATC/ ERTMS balizes. Its sensors are developed with cutting-edge technology to be completely trained independent and non-intrusive. One sensor can pick up billions of points of data every day. Installed on any train, tram, or metro it will measure every driven centimetre. It makes real-time analyses of all collected data, transforming it to information to be able to act upon and that’s what makes its solution outstanding.


HUM Industrial Technology

The US-based start-up HUM Industrial Technology offers predictive monitoring solutions to railroad shippers and railcar owners. The start-up uses wireless Internet of Things (IoT) sensors for automated safety monitoring and prediction of wheel and bearing failure, as well as detection of oil or gas leakages. Moreover, the start-up provides a live global positioning system (GPS) tracking solution that offers a comprehensive overview of fleet location and history. The start-up helps rail operators reduce maintenance costs by enabling early detection of potential failures.


Planys Technologies

Planys is an Indian deep-tech start-up creating a paradigm shift in the underwater inspection industry. Planys prides itself on having steered a new course with ground-breaking innovations in the field of marine robotics, cutting-edge underwater non-destructive testing methods, and an AI-enabled post-inspection analytical digital reporting dashboard. Planys’ innovative technology solutions aid asset owners and managers in making data-driven decisions for maintenance and repairs.

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