Web 3.0 Projects Set to Kickstart the Altseason! MANA, HNT, ICP, And CHZ to 5x!

The year 2021 has seen groundbreaking altcoin projects where each section of the space has managed to achieve significant breakthroughs. Besides, the global market cap achieved a remarkable milestone of $3 trillion in November. However, the thriving ecosystem has been progressive and encouraging more and more traders to look out for safe and secure crypto projects. After DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse, 2022 would be an era of Web 3.0. 

Web 3.0 Era to Commence by Early 2022!

Crypto merchants made massive profits on the DeFi projects and NFTs gaming in 2021. Whilst 2022 might turn out as the year for emerging Web 3.0 projects. These projects intend to present a decentralized internet for users, like what DeFi brought to the banking sector.  Further, this third-generation internet aims to expand across Layer-1 blockchains, data and storage, application, Gaming, and Metaverse projects. 

Notably, MANA, HNT, ICP, and CHZ are poised for a massive rally ahead of the new year. The upcoming years would see a paradigm shift in trend, as the aforementioned projects are occupied in upgrading themselves to Web 3. 

Internet Computer (ICP): 

 Internet computer is a highly anticipated project in Web 3.0. The network has shown confidence in the domain and proclaimed that real web 3.0 Dapps runs fully on-chain and not on the cloud. Moreover, the platform has itself owned the pride of being the future hub of true Dapps.  

ICP price has been under a prolonged consolidation for over the past 5 months. Once Web 3.0 projects start to flourish, Internet Computer has the highest possibility to breakout and thrive to its true potential. 

Decentraland (MANA): 

Decentraland is one of the distinct projects that has lately arrived under the spotlight this year. The project enables users to earn rewards using NFTs and their Web 3.0 concepts have experienced massive growth in Q4. 

However, the MANA price has managed to gain significant strength around $3.33 over the past week post the prolonged bearish rule. The altcoin would see radical growth in terms of fundamentals and price action ahead of the new year. Recently, Uniquely had brought ESTATE on Decentraland. With its shift over to Web 3, buying metaverse plots for other firms would become more inevitable in the near future. 

Helium (HNT): 

The Helium platform thrives to offer rewards to consumers and small-scale enterprises to distribute and achieve wireless coverage and share device data via the network by using Web 3 applications. HNT price has undergone a number of supercycles this year. However, the project projecting to end on a high note as it is up by 15.74% round the clock outpacing the dominant altcoins.

Collectively, including the aforementioned altcoins, the Graph and Chiliz that come under the section of Data Storage and application layer of Web 3.0 are set to bounce. Whilst these are working undercover based on next-generation internet, they hold vast potential to rise and shine ahead of the new year 2022. 

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