Taiwan Investigating Whether Mice Can Transmit Covid To Humans After Bitten Lab Employee Tests Positive

As if the Covid hysteria being pushed by the media needed any more fodder for the flame, Taiwan is now in the process of investigating whether or not a bite by a mouse in a laboratory may have transmitted Covid to an employee.

The incident involves a woman who worked at Academia Sinica, Taiwan’s top research institute, according to RT. She was diagnosed with Covid last month after health authorities confirmed she had been bitten twice by mice carrying the virus.

While it is technically still unknown whether the virus came from the bite, RT notes that the country’s health minister, Chen Shih-chung said the: “possibility of infection from the workplace is higher because we have zero confirmed infections in the community.”

The employee had been vaccinated with Moderna’s vaccine and also had a record of great bio-security, the report says. About 100 people were in close contact with her – they are now in quarantine. 

The incident stands out because Taiwan has one of the world’s lowest Covid infection rates given its 23 million person population. It has recorded only 16,704 Covid infections and 848 deaths to date, the report says. 

While cats and dogs have also been found to carry the infection, “there is no evidence that infected pets can pass Covid on to humans,” RT concludes.

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