Top 10 Data Science Certificate Programs to Apply for in 2022

by Sayantani Sanyal

December 9, 2021

Data science has become an exciting career option for several aspiring tech candidates

Over the past couple of years, data science has become a vital part of all the industry sectors, ranging from agriculture to marketing and business analytics, public policy, to name a few. One of the most crucial aspects of data science is that it can resolve complex issues within the economy and its other branches and sectors with the help of machine learning, predictive analysis, and data analytics. Data science has also become a career option for several aspiring tech professionals. Students who have interests in analysing and computing data can choose data science certifications and programs to add to their resumes and attain a variety of employment opportunities in the domain of business and information technology. In this article, we have listed the top 10 data science certificate programs that will help the learners get maximum knowledge and recognition in 2022.


Certificate in Data Science and Analytics for Strategic Decisions

Offered by: Emeritus Institute of Management

The certificate program will enable the students to harness the power of data science to uncover actionable insights and transform the organization’s decision-making process. They will learn how to create and implement business strategies leveraging data science, demonstrate how analytics can be combined with experiments to make data-informed decisions and much more.


Amazon AWS Big Data Certification

Offered by: Amazon

Amazon is striving hard to integrate the power of AWS big data in its daily operations. The certification efficiently describes the importance of AI and NLP workloads being handled by different types of Amazon web services so that a technical and non-technical individual can get well-versed with the deployment models to effectively interpret the relationship between the company and the existing customers.


Certified Data Science Professional

Offered by: United States Data Science Institute

This CDSP Certification Program content has been developed by the world-renowned USDSI Data Science Advisory Board, which comprises of best subject matter experts and influencers of data science like CTOs, CIOs, data scientists, technology leaders from Fortune 500 companies to meet the practical needs of organizations.


Healthcare Analytics Certificate

Offered by: Saint Mary’s University, Minnesota

This Healthcare Analytics Certificate program from Saint Mary’s University explores the various roles that data analysis plays in clinical and hospital operations. Students can learn to develop business intelligence capabilities for healthcare organizations of all types and apply artificial intelligence techniques to improve patient care outcomes and streamline business functions.


Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics and Policy

Offered by: John Hopkins University

The John Hopkins University follows the Government Analytics curriculum that provides students with foundational skills in statistical analysis and the opportunity to develop knowledge in specialty areas, like advanced statistics, geospatial analysis, political behaviour, and public policy analysis, and public management. The program welcomes students from diverse educational backgrounds who are dedicated to gaining knowledge in the field of analytics.


IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

Offered by: IBM

This data science certificate program is aimed to help beginners to gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts of data science, its roles, the responsibilities of a data scientist, the most suitable approaches to solve particular data science problems, and how to efficiently use data science tools such as IBM Cloud, RStudio IDE and such others.


Data Science Professional Certificate

Offered by: Harvard University

Aspiring tech candidates who are willing to build a strong career in the field of datascience might find this program a lucrative opportunity to get a head start in the industry, as HarvardX is providing free as well as paid data science professional course certifications. This program is a widely popular program that offers the necessary skills and knowledge required to tackle the challenge that may arise while integrating data science in a business in the real world.


Online Certificate in Data Analytics for Business

Offered by: University of California

This certificate program covers a wide array of topics from which students can learn the fundamental concepts behind collecting, storing, and analysing data. With the help of predictive, prescriptive, and descriptive data, students will also learn how to utilize analytic tools and models to reliably forecast market trends and behaviours, and other issues.


SAS Certified Data Scientist

Offered by: SAS Global Certification Program

The SAS Certified Data Scientist program teaches the students all the basic steps that they might need to step into the data science industry, starting from the introductory statistics, SAS programming skills, data management as well as manipulation, techniques to enhance data quality and much more.


Certificate: Data Science

Offered by: UC Berkeley Global

The massive increase in the amounts of data is translating into exponential growth in the computer power needed to process the data. The Certificate Program in Data Science will help the students to gain advanced knowledge in data wrangling, data mining, statistical modelling, and machine learning on data sets that may be very large and complex.

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