Is Shiba Inu Price Range-Bound To Reclaim Dogecoin’s Throne?


  • DOGE is still the top meme coin, despite SHIB’s strong fundamentals and higher trading volumes.
  • DOGE creator believes a platform needs more than just hype in the long run.

The crypto industry has been vivid for the top dog-inspired meme coins. While Shiba Inu surfs the high tides like a maniac, DOGE runs a rather subtle rally. Both the meme coins have been agonistic towards being supreme. While DOGE holds its position firm, SHIB conquering DOGE’s throne has been a binary circuit of sorts. Meanwhile, Doge the creator of DOGE believes a platform needs more than just hype in the long run.

SHIB Trades Taller Than DOGE!

  The Doge-killer at press time is trading at $0.00005693 with gains of 13.3%. While the market cap of the coin hovers around $31,307,465,114. The trading volume of the asset is about $11,187,525,613 for the last 24-hours. The coin ranks 11th position by market cap.

The meme coin is short of its ATH by a greater margin, which was about 9 days ago. SHIB is moving across the levels between $0.00004985 and $0.00006490 round the clock. The coin would need a major catalyst to kill another zero, rising above its ATH.

On the other hand, several catalysts are fueling its leg-up. Consecutively, SHIB is now available to trade, buy, sell, and store on Coinbase for residents from New York. Netizens are speculating SHIB burn-in process, as the maximum total supply is on a decline lately.

DOGE Keeps Its Throne Higher?

  Dogecoin at press time is trading at $0.2563 with gains being red by 2.6%. The market cap remains a level up of SHIB at $33,822,459,974. The crypto ranks 10th position by market cap. Meanwhile, the trading volume for the past 24-hours is around $1,611,705,219. Which falls short of SHIB’s volume by a greater degree. The meme coin ATH remains far from reach at $0.7315, which was achieved 6-months ago. 

Dogecoin has been trading in levels between $0.254 and $0.266 for the past 24-hours. The meme coin could conquer its levels of $0.34 if it breaks through its barriers. On the flip side, it could plummet to levels of $0.23, if it loses grip of its current support levels.

Collectively, both the coins are in the buzz across public platforms. Both SHIB and DOGE rank under the top 10 coins mentioned on Twitter this week. We can expect SHIB to reclaim its position above DOGE, and hold it firm. Provided the coin keeps its momentum upright, without oscillations. 

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