Crypto Readies For Institutional Adoption: OKEx Launches CME-Like Portfolio Margin System | Benzinga

Cryptocurrency derivatives just got a step closer to replicating the experience that institutional investors have come to expect from their traditional counterparts as OKEx announced the launch of new advanced trading features.

What Happened: OKEx launched portfolio margin on Monday in an effort to cater to professional and institutional traders. It is available on the platform’s web and API versions, according to a recent OKEx announcement.

The new features were designed for high-volume traders such as market makers and institutions, aiming for them to substantially reduce their capital requirements. 

OKEx’s portfolio margin allows for multiple-currency portfolio margining to enable traders to open derivatives positions with significantly reduced margin requirements across multiple currencies at the same time.

OKEx’s portfolio margin feature significantly reduces margin calculation and closely resembles Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s Standardized Portfolio Analysis of Risk feature.

OKEx’s CEO Jay Hao said that the benefit of this feature will be felt “across the whole industry” since “as we bring more sophisticated players into crypto, we create more robust and liquid markets, increasing the legitimacy of crypto as a new asset class on the global stage.”

Photo: OKEx

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