Greek Convid Bandits Selling ‘Climate Change’ Fujimori Style

We are living through one of the darkest periods in modern history.

The Greek Covid response has reached such levels of absurdity that it wouldn’t be out of place in a Cervantes novel or a Kafkaesque description of modern politics in the era of the… ‘Great Reset’.

After having sold the narrative of strong measures which led to very few ‘Covid’ deaths during the first Lockdown way back in March 2020, Greece has now surpassed Sweden on all indicators: more deaths, more cases, more covidfascism. So something had to give and it did. Climate change suddenly appeared as a main parallel contender after the burning down of whole swathes of Greece in the summer just gone by.

Déjà Vu

Burning Greece for political aims is nothing new. It was pioneered quite openly and directly in the 2000 decade over the Russian Southstream pipeline which was signed by one of the three main political dynasties of Greece (Karamanlis) when areas in Evia, the Peloponnese etc. were burnt to smithereens, which everyone since has attributed to the behind the scenes hybrid war between the US and Russia. It’s an irony of history that the political dynasty of the Karamanlis clan got literally burnt by these developments and despite having won resoundingly, early elections were then called (after the death of Greeks due to the fires) and Karamanlis lost to Papandreou.

At the time the author of this piece was in Southern Evia where he witnessed multiple fires emerging concurrently which could only be explained by arson and local emergency services stating in private conversations that this could be only a result of arson.

This time round the summer arson attacks were once again inaugurated in Southern Evia where I was again, but more as a consequence of a massive propaganda campaign as the biggest firefighting plane in the world (Beriev B200 which can carry 12 tonnes of water in one go) directly from Russia arrived to put out some fake bush fires, but an indication that the biggest fires Greece has ever witnessed would soon occur. It was announced early on (17th June 2021) by the now departed Minister Hardalias implying in no uncertain terms that if the biggest firefighting plane couldn’t do the job, the fires were real, not organised arson.

Its also a pure coincidence the Turkish tourist resort area of Marmaris was burnt to smithereens and the smoke covered almost half of Rhodes, then fires spread in Rhodes leading to electrical blackouts at the height of the tourist season. Why would anyone want to burn tourist areas other than economic sabotage?

Almost one third of Evia with forests in the northern part of the island was burnt to smithereens in identical patterns to all previous fires: they start and spread when there is wind in multiple areas at the same time and various ‘coincidental’ events occur which derail all the attempts at putting out the fires, like a sudden engine failure of the Russian firefighting plane, or no firefighters sent to the area, or they are sent and instructed to not do anything.

What was new this time was the concerted push by the emergency services to get people to evacuate from their areas, so as to allow the emergency services to take over, ie so all the evidence of arson to be hidden or the peoples properties to be burnt to smithereens. In the many instances where Greeks refused to leave, they both saved their properties and uncovered evidence of arson.

PM Mitsotakis sold the idea ‘we save lives as they can’t be rebuilt’ and we aren’t Syriza who allowed 100 people to die in the fires of Mati in 2018, but we cannot stop ‘climate change’. The irony once more was that the areas being burnt were almost identical in fashion to those in the 2000 decade just bigger and more vast in scale. To sell it Athens of course could not be left out. The old area of Tatoi which is famous as being the land granted to the now deposed German monarchy of Greece was burnt to smithereens and in a time lapse video that circulated, one could clearly discern fires emerging at different times in different areas which could not but be a by product of arson.

For almost four decades the corporate fake news media sold the idea that the fires in Greece were done by property developers, in other words having burnt an area to smithereens they then move in to put in illegal developments, an idea so absurd when basic questions aren’t asked. Why would anyone want to move into an area where everything is burnt? It would take at least a decade to acquire new vegetation and go green again, if that. This was proven to be false in the decade of the IMF-Troika when property developments collapsed, yet fires continued.

There is truth to the rumours now that the fires will aid ‘green development’ in terms of constructing giant wind turbines which are already evident all over Southern Evia, but are scheduled to appear in almost all mountain ranges in Greece. Clearing the trees makes access to construct and ship to location easier.

Going ‘Green’ Hedge Fund Style

As a full blown German neo colony Greece has adopted what Berlin desires. They are closing down most lignite producing mines under ‘ecological excuses’ thus reducing the independence of Greece even further in energy production forcing it to import oil and at the same time filling up all mountain tops with vast concrete swathes of wind turbines where you need to create roads and add about 100 tonnes of concrete for each one.

Just as the PM placed his daughter in one of the firms that bought sections of ex-Greek state owned National Bank of Greece insurance arm CVC Capital Partners in London, the level of banditry only reminds one of Fujimori’s Peru. Modern Greek politics is summarized in how to make money from privatizations in the shortest amount of time possible or use state funds to enrich oneself as one may not be in the same position again soon enough.

Taking into account that the big hedge funds of the world are instrumental in getting over $9 trillion injected into their bank balances between September 2019 and March 2020 which basically dwarfs the bailouts of the 2000 decade they are awash with cash and are on a buying spree essentially targeting all industries that are related to nation states.

CVC Capital Partners bought out Dodoni milk and cheeses which was a Greek owned entity in the field and they already own shares in others. Which begs the question if they are signed up to the WEF’s Great Reset then the aim has to be to shut down animal protein and replace it with the diet of the… ‘future’.

When 40% of the annual GDP of the US is recirculated into the economy in the space of a few months, inevitably inflation will become double digit. This obviously is in slow motion due to the continuous Lockdowns, travel restrictions, Covid passes etc. which reduces the average type of business flow. When all state owned entities are sold and become part of global hedge funds then any form of resistance on a national level via indigenous energy extraction, production of goods or services becomes impossible as you are now fully part of globalized supply chains.

It’s inevitable that the Convid narrative will at some point reach its full political potential. That is where ‘climate change’ will start to kick in. Not so much the effects of the disasters accrued to it, but the restrictions that are coming into force as a consequence of the ‘disasters’ which may or may not be magnified out of all proportion, may or may not be engineered.

We are already witnessing the rolling out of the ‘green agenda’ on a small island in Greece called Astypalaia where only electric cars will be allowed (owned by no one but on a pool system), on an island that doesn’t even have a power generating plant. So we can envision the future rationing of services, time limits imposed on transport and energy consumption, limiting refrigeration by changing from an animal based diet, to plants, nuts and weeds. Carbon emission controls will be the key to imposing these restrictions, not Convid.

Fujimori Style

He who loses wealth loses much; he who loses a friend loses more; but he that loses his courage loses all.”


Behind it all is fast tracking the bankruptcy of all small independent producers and suppliers and fulfilling one of the main aims of Klaus Scwhab’s 4IR Great Reset, ‘you will own nothing and be happy’, presumably like those on Skid Row in California who are over the moon or the hundreds of homeless found in empty doorways in central Athens who dance Sirtaki on the streets regularly.

A few state owned entities exist in Greece. At the beginning of the 2010 decade the argument was that if everything was privatized that would both save the economy and its people. The debt burden has now in reality almost doubled reaching the astronomic amount of 380 billion when in 2010 it was around 210 billion and despite almost a decade of austerity, wage and pension cuts of 50%, the debt as a % of GDP has reached almost 180%! So on the economic front the more measures taken, the worse all the figures become and on the alleged ‘health front’ the more measures taken to fight the war on Covid, the worse the situation becomes.

Allegations have surfaced which have been well known in Greece for almost a decade that the Mitsotakis clan are politically related to ship owners who are allegedly involved in the drug business as evidenced by Alexander Clapps prize winning essay The Vampire Ship. For decades the Mitsotakis family have been accused as being German Nazi quislings during the occupation of Greece, then exporters of stolen ancient Greek artefacts even going to the extend of re-naming a street after the father of the current PM (as an ancient Greek artefact thief) but the family doesn’t obviously do itself any favours when they place relatives in political positions (current Mayor of Athens, Bakogianni is the PMs sisters son) or his wife Sia Kosioni is one of the main Presstitutes of SKAI tv the PM is associated with alleged paedophiles and the stench of corruption is so deep that the most popular slogan all over social media, in all the anti-vax protests and even at the funeral of Mikis Theodorakis (the world famous composer) was ‘Mitsotaki Go Fcuk Yourself’

How will it end? We are at the dawn of the Mitsotakis era, they are living through their political end times and one cannot but say good riddance to bandits. The issue is whether any political capital can be gained for Greece to drastically change course and whether the people are able to break out of the defeats of the past. We are living through one of the darkest periods in modern history.

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