Can Crypto Help Drive the Indian Casino Market Forward?

Casino gaming in India is on the rise. However, due to complex issues surrounding the gambling laws in the country, for the vast majority, the way to play is to go with a casino that is elsewhere in the world. There are some bigger names targeting the Indian market, but to ensure they remain above board, they are not setting up offices and moving into India.

This is fine, and could go on for a number of years, but as long as it does, it means that Indian players are playing with companies around the world. Some of them tailor their service specifically to India, which means they accept Rupees and offer local Indian payment methods as a way of getting funds into your account. With the casinos all being compared to each other on sites like Lucky Dice, this type of coverage for Indian players really stands out and is likely to make those casinos successful in the future.

But what about casinos that don’t offer this to their players? They can go down a different route, which involves using cryptocurrency, cutting out the small problems that players would face without crypto or Indian Rupees as payment methods.

The Benefits of Crypto Can Benefit Indian Players

If you think about the basic benefits of sending cryptocurrency rather than other currencies around the world, then these can certainly help Indian casino players. The casinos they are using are dotted elsewhere around the world, which means traditional transfers take time, and they are also likely to come with fees from the bank.

Crypto takes away the time delay, regardless of where the money is sent and received, and of course it also takes away the bank fees as there is no bank involved here. This makes using crypto a great alternative for casinos that do not have the ability to offer Indian Rupees to their players, as they don’t want to provide something solely for India.

There will still be some people out there who do not want to use crypto yet, but with each year, this number of people is less and less. With beginners guides out there for those who wish to learn more about the crypto industry, the door for new people to get involved has never been as open as it is now.

As we stand at the moment then casinos that take the time to implement Indian payment methods and the ability to play with Rupees are certainly at an advantage. However, if the crypto world continues to rise, and more players get involved, then this could one day challenge this part of the industry and try to turn it around.

One benefit for casinos is the fact that should they implement crypt on their site, it doesn’t only benefit the players of India who want to use it. This would be a benefit for every single user on the site, regardless of where they are in the world.

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