What Types of Vehicles Come with Higher Car Insurance Premiums

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LOS ANGELES, Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Compare-autoinsurance.org has launched a new blog post that presents which vehicles have higher car insurance premiums.

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Drivers looking to purchase a new or a used vehicle should consider several factors before making a purchase. Factors like mileage safety rating, maintenance history, number of prior owners, accident reports, the down payment, and overall price are extremely important. Furthermore, drivers should also consider the brand of the vehicle and the associated insurance costs before getting a new ride. To determine the cost of a car insurance policy, insurance providers analyze hundreds of factors.

Some of the most important factors insurance providers use to determine the price of a car insurance policy are the following:

  • Driving record. Maintaining a clean driving record is important, especially when looking to purchase a car insurance policy. In most cases, the driving record is the most important factor car insurance providers consider before granting an insurance policy. Drivers who have been involved in or caused several accidents will pay more on their policies than drivers who weren’t involved in or caused accidents.
  • The daily commute. The further a driver lives from his place of work, the more time he will stay in the car every day. Staying in traffic during rush hour, the stress caused due to running late at work, or being less alert after a poor night’s sleep are factors that insurance providers consider when calculating the cost of an insurance policy.
  • Age. Numerous studies have shown that drivers that are 25 years old and younger, and drivers older than 65, are more likely to be involved in a car accident than drivers from other age groups.
  • Credit score. Insurance providers use credit scores to try to determine how likely drivers are to pay their bills. Drivers with better credit scores will pay less on insurance.
  • Payment history. Drivers who have a history of late or missed payments will pay more on insurance to cover the non-payment risk.
  • Marital status. Some providers consider that married persons are more likely to drive safer if their loved ones are in the vehicle.

Many insurance companies consider that the type of vehicle the drivers are driving can say a lot about them and their driving habits. Everything, from the car’s size to its color can be analyzed by car insurance providers. When determining a premium, car insurance providers may look at the vehicle’s:

  • Safety rating. Most providers only look at required, basic safety features such as seatbelts and airbags, but some companies do look at more advanced safety features, such as collision warning systems, back-up cameras, hands-free calling systems, and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) to determine rates or even offer discounts. A high safety rating can mean a lower car insurance premium.
  • Size. In many cases, between a larger car and a smaller car with the same safety rating, the larger car is considered to be safer and thus will come with a lower car insurance premium. However, large cars with larger engines will come with higher rates, because the engine costs more to repair or to replace.
  • Color. Although this factor doesn’t directly affect insurance costs, drivers can pay more on their premiums by simply purchasing a more expensive vehicle that has a more popular color that is in high demand.
  • Age of the vehicle. Finding replacement parts for older vehicles is quite difficult. For this reason, insuring older vehicles is more expensive.
  • The price of the vehicle. The more expensive and luxurious a vehicle is, the harder it is to repair and the more expensive it is to insure.

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