n2uitive Launches New Guidewire ClaimCenter Accelerator

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SEATTLE, Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — n2uitive Corporation, a leading claims interview and recorded statement management solution, announced the launch of the n2record recorded statement accelerator for Guidewire ClaimCenter as a part of its efforts to further streamline and standardize the claim interview and recorded statement process for insurers. n2record is the first recorded statement solution introduced into the Guidewire Marketplace, ensuring a seamless transition between initiating calls and recordingsin ClaimCenter and storing, indexing, sharing and requesting transcripts in the n2uitive platform.

With these new, integrated capabilities, Guidewire users can quickly initiate recorded statements at the click of a button directly from ClaimCenter; automatically sync statement details between ClaimCenter and n2record; securely store, index and archive statements; order transcripts with a single click in n2record; and securely share and review statements.

“Claims investigations and recorded statements are foundational to the customer’s claims experience and the insurer’s ability to deliver consistent and accurate claim outcomes,” said Joel Gendelman, chief executive officer, n2uitive Corporation. “Our ClaimCenter accelerator streamlines the recorded statement process for adjusters and provides valuable insights into best practices that help claims organizations improve the investigation process and deliver more consistent and accurate outcomes.”

For more information about the n2record Guidewire ClaimCenter accelerator, visit https://n2uitive.com/guidewire/, view our listing in the Guidewire Marketplace or visit us at booth B13 at the upcoming Guidewire Connections Conference Nov. 1-4.

About n2uitive Corporation

n2uitive is a cloud-based claims interview and recorded statement management platform for auto, home and workers compensation insurers. n2uitive’s n2record™ solution transforms the recorded statement workflow by streamlining the recording, storing and indexing, sharing, and transcribing of claims statements. A trusted tool used by more than 40 insurers, TPAs and self-insured corporations, n2record securely records, stores and indexes more than 1.5 million statements per year and houses more than 15 million statements and transcripts. n2record provides claims organizations with a unified, secure recorded statement solution that simplifies processes, reduces expenses and supports industry-wide best practices.

For more information, please visit https://n2uitive.com/.

Media Contact

Angela Schuster, n2uitive, +1 (623) 824-1213, angies@n2uitive.com

Neil Griffiths, n2uitive, neilg@n2uitive.com


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