XRP Price to Test $1.2 Level !! Will the Altcoin Rise or Crash Below $1 ?

XRP Price Action

XRP Price approaches crucial levels as it reaches a higher low of $1.10 was promptly tested, driving XRP higher. As a result, XRP/USD is predicted to continue upward during the next 24 hours, with a target of $1.20. Positive momentum is resuming, which will most likely lead to the $1.20 resistance later today.

So far in October, positive momentum has returned to the Ripple price action. XRP/USD soared higher on October 1st after a series of failed attempts to move below $0.90 at the end of September.

Ripple first peaked around $1.10 before spiking higher on October 9th following some consolidation. This time, a fresh high was hit around $1.235, with XRP retracing below $1.10 in the aftermath.

However, positive momentum has resumed since then, slowly pushing XRP/USD higher. Ripple price action yesterday rejected any fall over $1.10, signaling that we are set to go higher later today.

Ripple powering through!

Analysts expect a huge surge in XRP, and they’re optimistic about the new alliances. According to social trading platform eToro, XRP became the number one cryptocurrency in the UK in the third quarter of this year. Holders of XRP are optimistic about the outcome of the SEC v. Ripple case.

According to eToro, the social trading site, XRP is the most popular cryptocurrency in the United Kingdom, followed by Cardano (ADA). In Q3 2021, cryptocurrency traders in the United Kingdom invested more money in XRP than any other cryptocurrency.

Intriguingly, over the last several months, XRP has seen a surge in retail and institutional use. Ripple engaged with the Digital Pound Foundation and prepared to work in accordance with the company’s goals of collaborating with global institutions and resolving CBDC development difficulties.

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