Cardano On The Foot Of An Explosion, $3 ADA Price Incoming!

Cardano, in recent times, was compelled to trend within a very small range as the buyers and sellers were exhibiting equal strength. At some point in time, either of them appeared a little more powerful and hence the price reacted accordingly. However, the ADA price could now march out of the pattern quickly without wasting still more time. 

The constant accumulation could gather enough momentum which might help the price to soar towards the north. No doubt the volume is constantly depleting, the change of trend from buying to selling and again buying signifies that the traders are pretty active. However, the whales appear to have been waiting for an opportunity to get in. And hence in an upcoming couple of days, the asset could ignite a fair uptrend aiming at another 30% upswing. 

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Source: Tradingview

The daily price chart showcases the asset trending within a descending channel. And it could break the upper barriers well before reaching the end of the accumulation. Therefore, a substantial surge in the price may be on the horizon as the asset appears to have cemented at the initial resistance levels for a long time. However, the asset needs to end the accumulation very soon to range towards the $2.4 resistance level. 

In case if the Cardano price fails to pull the next leg up towards the target close to $3, then it may consolidate and accumulate more strength. And once done, a huge green candle could surpass the $2.4 zone and eventually land up above $3. However, the bulls need to enter to materialize this plot else the ADA price could trend sideways. Therefore, the currently formed Doji candle needs to be outpowered by the buyers to shill the bears off.

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