Europe & The Western World Are Heading Towards A QR-Code Society Without Freedom

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China was the first country, or continent, which introduced the QR code, now Europe and the Western World are following this madness where freedom is limited and a new global technocratic dictatorial regime is installed. In other words, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken over humans and it might end really badly for the human race. Picture: A Chinese child in a QR Tunnel, in the south of China, 2017!

As an article stated in the South China Morning Post from 2017:

It’s being used (2017) to encourage tipping at restaurants, receive cash gifts at weddings…even beggars are using it to collect handouts. The little barcode is driving China’s rapid shift towards a cashless society”.

If Europeans, or Westerns, would have paid attention to this, maybe we would not be where we are right now with the implementation of the QR Code society, or as I would call it, a society run, not by humans, but by machines called Artificial Intelligence (AI). The so-called pandemic is used to implement this QR society, or this new Social Credit System, based on the experience of the Chinese. The human race will just be like a herd of cattle, governments, or rather AI, will decide what you can do, how you can do it, if you are allowed to live, or get food. A conspiracy, no, it’s happening right now in many places around you.

I will give you a few examples where this is happening, or happened already. The worst countries are the countries who freed themselves from communism, which they thought was bad. Well, they have a much worse regime right now, like in Lithuania, you must use your mobile (QR-code) for everything. You need a QR-code even for food. Without this you are out of society, and Estonia is the same. Of course, everything under the guise of a virus. But actually it’s for total control, this is the new normal that the leaders preach since the so-called outbreak of a deadly virus. In Italy and Slovenia you can’t get petrol without a QR-code, and in Italy and Germany you will no longer receive your salary if you are sick and not vaccinated unless you can show a valid QR-code to prove it. As we can see it’s no longer about the virus but it’s about the QR-code. In France and the Netherlands, the countries where there is the most opposition and people take to the streets every week. The QR regime has recently been introduced because the president (Macron) and Prime Minister (Rutte) know all too well that it is very difficult, especially the Netherlands, the land of freedom and tolerance, to convince the people! The populations of Germany and Austria are the easiest to influence, including Italy. It is them who, since the Second World War, have been accustomed to submit to a regime and it’s Germany and Italy that have the oldest inhabitants of the continent.

Other countries like Australia and New Zealand will introduce the Social Credit System, a QR code society soon. Once called the countries of freedom, especially Australia, the land “Down Under”, as I experienced, now are the worst totalitarian regimes one can imagine, especially Australia. Australian cries for help are reaching people in other parts of the Western world and it is unbelievable what is happening there, a dystopian nightmare. Canada has been taken over already and as we can read, life is unlivable for many people. Of course, the takeover by AI was planned a long time ago by “humans”, introduced by disturbed and deranged scientists and so-called “visionaries” like organizations as the World Economic Forum, who thought it was an “asset” to humanity, but in the meantime we know that this “asset” can sometimes turn into a nightmare and even end in the eradication of the human race. The extermination has already started, after all, if you can’t participate or don’t want to participate for any reason, you are doomed to die, because QR-codes for supermarkets, the food supply is in place or soon will be in a place near you, where without food, people will die, is a form of extermination.

Governments are trying to tell us it’s for the virus, but a lot of people don’t really believe in that anymore, just the “believers”, as a global cult they have been trying to tell us it was the virus, a deadly virus, which is not really deadly, on a large scale. Many of us know and what we warned for, to “wake up” and see reality, that the virus has been used to implement this QR society, i.e. the AI society, without a big scare, or a PSYOP as we call it, many people would refuse it, but a threat of death and disease scares many people who don’t look further into what’s really going on. I can’t blame them, but unfortunately, they are the ones, like under all regimes, the facist, the communist, to make it all happen!

Religious people, also, are a problem for the implementation, together with the old, sick and handicapped the biggest obstacle. Both Muslims and Christians see what is happening right now, as the “end of times” and maybe they are not so mistaken at all. The same problem appears in Israel, where many Orthodox Jews don’t comply and therefore, the Israeli government has taken new measures, 3rd booster and renewal of the “green pass”, without your 3rd booster, no QR-code, no life. Christians interpret the QR-code as “the mark of the beast”, Muslims as the coming of the “Mahdi” and end times. These are the people, among many others of course, who reject the LGBT new enforced rules. The idea of the deranged scientist and so-called visionaries is “transhumanism” as preached in Klaus Schwab’s book and therefore you don’t need to be man or woman. It’s not that leaders all of a sudden embrace equality of life, but as always a purpose must be there.


We are living in a deranged, sometimes in a scary society, which is not the chosen path of many “normal” people. They choose to stay “normal” and use AI in a different way for normal purposes. But if you give power to people who have wicked ideas intending to control humankind, it will become very dangerous, as we are experiencing and as AI predicted. The only way to eliminate AI is war and the destruction of all known systems. We will experience many “cyber attacks”, a war against AI, so to speak!

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