With Twitter’s Bitcoin Tipping, NFTs to Boom Post Verification Protocol?

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Twitter is all set to host bitcoin addresses and lightning addresses on its platform. The tipping feature is in line with the integration of strike API. It has been rolled out on ios, the android version will follow shortly, as per the announcements. However, it is to be seen, when the web version will follow a similar suit. 

With the announcement, users will now be able to connect tipping services to their profiles. Consecutively, that will include the ability to add the links for both Bitcoin addresses and lightning addresses. Users with a large follower base will now have another source to monetize their content. Moreover, Twitter won’t be taking any share of the tippings meant for the users.

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Here’s Why NFTs Authentication Will Turntables For Digital Art

Another announcement alongside the tipping feature is the verification of NFTs. The verification system for NFTs in the protocol is a huge plus for the space. This will be a stepping stone in the evolution of digital art. However, no specific timeline is laid for the same.

The verification of NFTs is possibly as important as the tipping feature, if not more. The use of NFT avatars is growing exponentially on the platform and social media in general. Similarly, the adoption of NFTs by influencers and celebrities has become a thoroughfare. The initiative is only going to fuel the NFT ecosystem.

NFTs and JPEGs are bringing like-minded people closer, and communities are being built. With other social media platforms following similar trends. The shift to a fully digital native society will be on the verge of reality. The authentication protocol is of immense importance in NFTs. As it will empower creators in the space to produce more valuable content.

In addition, Twitter will bring exposure to NFTS. The wide audience base of the platform will come across NFTs. Which is now limited only to certain marketplaces, and lacks limelight in comparison to cryptos.

Summing up, the integration of NFTs with social media will be the next big thing for the space. This can be insanely bullish to non-fungible tokens in the fourth quarter. Moreover, these can bring impetus to the blockchain they are based out of. And possibly, enhance tipping creators on the platform. The Twitter stock price at press time has soared to 66.69 USD, possibly the announcement effect. 

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