Bitcoin Millionaires Bullish on Bitcoin Price! Predict $69K

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The crypto market is showing some positive moves after the short market crash caused by the Chinese economic turmoil. BTC price recovered by 0.61% in the last 24 hours. With BTC, some other altcoins such as ETH, AVAX, LINK and FTM have shown a quick positive trend. We have brought an interesting insight into Bitcoin and potential straightforward targets set for the above-listed coins.

Despite the threat from China-based real-estate giant Evergrande, Bitcoin whales are not showing interest in selling off their most valued crypto asset. As per the reports from Santiment, a crypto metrics platform. The dumping in the first two weeks of September that 100 to 10k BTC addresses did around the $51k$52k price level is continued to accumulate back. Through the major ongoing market volatility whales showing confidence in the asset with low dumps and relatively high accumulations. 

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Bitcoin Price to Hit $69,000 Soon!

Bitcoin price is trading at $44,283 at the press time and the price is up by 0.61%. The bitcoin price is trading at $44,143 at the press time, if BTC breaks this primary resistance level, then $50k seems to be easily achievable for the asset. On the flip side, the BTC price is expected to hover between $42k to $43k

According to popular Crypto Analyst Crypto Angel, BTC price could hit $69,000 soon. Also, the investor set interesting targets for ETH, AVAX, LINK and FTM! Let’s dive and discover their price trends.

According to the analyst, the other four altcoins might follow the Bitcoin price trend. Crypto Angel predicted ETH price to hit $6,900, AVAX price to $690, Link price to smash $69 and FTM price to reach $6.9 in the upcoming bull cycle.

Targets Could be Achievable in the Next Bull Cycle!

Yes, the set target by the analyst could be achievable provided market sentiment support and if network upgrades are complete on time! 

Well, on September 23rd Twitter allowed Apple iOS users to send and receive tips in bitcoin through the lightning network.  And much-awaited taproot upgrade is scheduled for November. Ethereum is all set for the launch of the Ethereum merger, possible by this year-end or by 2022. Fantom is one of the secure platforms and AVAX with its new partnerships underway may reach new highs!

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