The UK View On Medical Cannabis

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Cannabis has been legal in the UK since 1 November 2018, and as a survey by the Statista Global Consumer Survey shows, is by now reasonably well accepted in society.

As Statista’s Martin Armstrong details, 26 percent of respondents said they consider cannabis/CBD products to be a good alternative to traditional medical products.

Infographic: The UK View On Medical Cannabis | Statista

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As many as 24 percent even say that cannabis should be legal for everyone.

This contrasts with 19 percent who oppose legalisation.

One-fifth of survey participants were also concerned about potential risks associated with taking CBD. Of all 2,087 respondents, about 25 percent have had some experience with medical cannabis.

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The data shown on this chart comes from the Content Special: “OTC & Pharma 2021” of the Statista Global Consumer Survey. It also includes other survey results on health topics such as mental health issues, over-the-counter medicines, pain and other complaints.

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