NYC Home Made Out Of 21 Shipping Containers Sells For $5 Million

It’s looking like the shipping container shortage is far more real than anyone could have imagined.

That’s because a “green” house made of shipping containers in Williamsburg just sold for $5 million. The house is made only of 21 shipping containers, according to the NY Post.

It was completed in 2016 after being commissioned by Brooklyn-based restaurateurs Joe and Kim Carroll.

Containers were “cleverly stacked” to create a slanted shape, which gives the home its unique shape. 

“To assemble the dwelling on the 25-by-100-foot corner lot, the architects placed three containers side by side, and sliced them at an angle before they cleverly stacked them together in a manner that formed the four-floor home’s slanted shape,” the site notes state.

The home is 3,500 square feet and sports five bedrooms.

The listing for the home says it sports “New York City’s last permitted wood-burning fireplace,” and that it also comes with two driveways and a garage. 

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