How to Become Exness Partner

What is Exness? Exness is an online investment platform and cryptocurrency exchange offering users to buy, sell, and hold their stocks, cryptocurrencies, and metals.

It was established in 2008, and over time, it has developed to feature more long-term investment schemes encouraging investors and users to sign up and use their services.

For those users who want to receive an additional stable income by attracting new clients for the

trading platform, Exness has developed several attractive affiliate programs.

How to become a partner? 

So, if you decide to join the investment world and participate in the Exness partnership or affiliate program you have to register yourself.

Before opening an account, check Exness deposit methods, the company offers a wide range of options.

Registering at Exness is easy, the process will not take much time:

1. Step One: Choose the Affiliate option and proceed with the standard register.

2. Choose your compensation model.

3. Receive the partner link and place it on your website, block, landing page or include it

into your ad campaign.

4. Users who follow your link to the Exness website and register an account become

customers of the trading platform.

5. You receive a commission from every transaction that your referred clients make,

regardless of the results of their transactions.

Partnership models

Exness offers two major types of partnerships to choose from Introducing Broker and Digital


Partnership types

There are several types of partnership:

  • Trading Partner, 
  • Advanced Partners, 
  • Introducing broker and 
  • Regional Representative.

Trading Partner: In a partnership, you start as a trading partner as the first tier. The commission

level starts from a 20% share of the profit from all income from trading activities of attracted

Users. The most important indicator of this level is the average trading volume (ATV), which is

calculated on the total volume of transactions of attracted clients. For advanced trading partners the size of the commission will be 25%.

Introducing broker

The next level is an Introducing Broker. This level is determined by the indicator of the average

trading volume and the number of active clients (AC) for the last 90 days.

Benefits of Introducing broker:

  • Daily payouts and possibilities for the withdrawals;
  • Exness provides advertising tools and promo materials;
  • A portion of Exness revenue the partner can get from the trading activity of every single active client referred by the partner to Exness can go up to 40% on every trade the clinets make.
  • Real-time analytics;
  • Wide range of payment methods including cryptocurrencies;

Digital Affiliates

This type of partnership directs on CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) model. It means that partners are

getting paid for an action that is a direct result of their marketing activities, such as selling,

clicking, registering, ordering, etc.

The main target in this model is to place a link that will be used by a visitor for registration on the

trading platform and to make the first deposit (FTD) on the account. Once all requirements are

completed the Digital Affiliate is entitled to the commission. It is based on the referral´s country,

the platform is chosen, and its FTD.

Benefits of Digital Affiliate:

  • Monthly payouts
  • Additional bonuses for exceptional performance
  • Up to $ 1,770 depending on the country, platform, and the size of the deposit made
  • by your referral

Advantages of becoming Exness partner

So, if you are thinking about additional income and save entering the global investment world here are a few key points for choosing the Exness platform:

  • Exness is a highly trusted global trading platform 
  • Full assistance and support for Exness partners, including promo packages, advertising tools.
  • Real-time statistics and analytics and open API
  • Most accepted payment methods
  • Instant withdrawals
  • Trading on the go, available at all gadgets, including mobile, Android, and iOS.

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