CeDeFi Incubator ZenX Onboards Decentralized-Focused AgTech Firm Dimitra

Dimitra, a blockchain-based agriculture technology company, is officially incubated in the ZenX CeDeFi blockchain incubator.

This leading AgTech firm announced on August 25 that it will be joining the ZenX incubator. ZenX is an initiative of the Unizen Smart Exchange made to support decentralized projects through technical expertise and compliance solutions. 

This will enable Dimitra to leverage ZenX technological and legislative tools to advance its blockchain-powered solutions for the agriculture industry.

The Unizen CEO Sean Noga said that ZenX is excited to take up the new challenge of scaling potential, 

“Our goal, as an incubator, is to provide the project with technical and legislative tools for revolutionizing agriculture and build a loyal community of contributors and supporters of Dimitra’s infrastructure and cause. For ZenX, it’s an exciting challenge, great opportunity, and empowering responsibility – and we are looking forward to the journey.”

Currently, Dimitra is among a handful AgTech firms that are using decentralized architectures to revolutionize agriculture.

The firm’s all-in-one digital solutions span across various agricultural areas . The areas Include crop management, livestock management, genetics, online agriculture marketplace and sensor management. 

Forging the Future of Agriculture Technology 

While AgTech solutions have been in existence for some time, it is only in recent years that companies in this niche started using blockchain technology.

Dimitra’s value proposition to smallholder farmers is primarily helping decentralized architecture. It also supports other advanced technologies, including IoT, big data, and machine learning. 

So far, Dimitra has registered over 1 million farms and over 15 million farmers, mainly targeting developing economies.

In an AMA , the CEO Jon Trask, modern-day technologies such as blockchain have a massive potential of changing the landscape of agriculture, 

“Decentralization is playing a role in making changes to the agriculture industry through changing the nature of trust and increasing transparency … As regulations continue to grow, blockchain is playing a key role in managing the delivery of those safety components in the food chain.”

Besides joining the ZenX incubator, Dimitra has the backing of prominent organizations. The list includes Bangladesh’s NGO Sojag, Agzon Agritech Pvt Ltd, OBC Indian Chamber of Commerce for 1.3 million farms and the National Animal Genetic Research Center of Uganda, amongst others. 

Dimitra’s all-in-one AgTech solutions are made for various stakeholders such as farmers, governments, and NGOs to improve agricultural practices.

Ideally, this leading AgTech company leverages data-driven farming to assist stakeholders in increasing yield, reducing cost and mitigating risk. 

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