Survey Reveals How Americans Cope With Brutal Heat Wave  

The Western half of the US has been plagued with a megadrought. Record-breaking heat waves pound the Pacific Northwest, and the wildfire situation in the region is worsening. All of these fast-changing weather phenomena have impacted Americans’ well-being. 

Piplsay, a global consumer research platform, conducted a survey this month to get insights into what Americans are thinking and how they cope with the severe weather. 

They found after polling 26,292 people that 47% of Americans say the ongoing heat waves have impacted their family’s health. Another 47% said their travel plans had been affected because of the extreme heat. About 61% of the respondents believe the ongoing heat waves and wildfires are a result of climate change. 

The increasing frequency and intensity of such weather events have begun to impact how Americans cope with the heat. About 34% of respondents said they spent more of their time inside due to excessive heat. Twenty-one percent said they purchased an air condition unit, and 15% said they frequent beaches and pools. 

The virus pandemic has already upended life in America. Now it appears extreme climate volatility is also changing how people live. 

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