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StarLink (STARL) coin is one of today’s top gainers in the cryptocurrency space, surging in price by 60%. 

If you want to invest in StarLink tokens, or if you just want to find out more about the project, this article sets you on the right path. Read on to find out all of the key information you need to know before you buy StarLink cryptocurrency.

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How & where to buy StarLink tokens online

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What is StarLink?

It is a cryptocurrency project, and STARL is its native token. It claims to be a ‘fully decentralised project which is moving by the community.’

Essentially, StarLink is something of a metaverse (virtual world), which exists as a space to host data and ideas within the blockchain using $STARL tokens to power its network.

In the long term, it will become a hub for marketing, entertainment, gamification and education, while also offering new visual and audio adaptations to further NFTs as representations of real world space and concepts tied to virtual reality (VR).

Should I buy StarLink today?

If you like the idea of the project, buying some STARL coins while market momentum is behind them could be a smart move. Just make sure you are wary of the risks of investing and the inherent volatility of cryptocurrencies, especially small-cap altcoins.

StarLink price prediction 2021

Our STARL cryptocurrency price forecast is as follows: $0.00378 this year, $0.00442 in 2022, and up to $0.0091 within 5 years.

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