Street Justice: Man Found Dead On Staten Island With “I Touch Little Girls” Scrawled Across His Chest

Is this what happens when the NYPD is discouraged from enforcing the law? Rising rates of violent crime offer a sense of impunity to both criminals and, eventually, the vigilantes. And the Big Apple has a long history with vigilantism.

As murders mount, the New York Post and NBC New York reported on a grisly murder that was discovered by police Monday night on Staten Island.

Source: Staten Island Advance

An 80-year-old man was found dead in an apartment building with a message scrawled on his dead flesh: “I touch little girls”. Police were called to the scene Monday morning at around 0930ET. It’s not clear what lead police to the site, but the victim was found lying in a hallway, in an obviously public place where his body – and the messages written¬† on it – could be viewed.

Both in prison, and on the outside, people who abuse children are often targeted with retributive justice, even if the allegations aren’t always accurate.

Police said the suspect was lying shirtless, face up, with cuts to his forehead and two black eyes. He also had the messages “I take dolls in my room for girls age 1-5” on his stomach and “I touch” on his foot, per the NYP.

The NYPD’s homicide squad is investigating the incident.

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