From A Covid Junta To A Covid Apartheid: The Greek Example


It used to be said that Greeks gave their lives for freedom, but now they are giving up their freedom for their lives.

(The picture above is of the EU’s Van Der Leyen and Mitsotakis announcing the Davos Great Reset Agenda for Greeks.)

After the partial retreat by the Mitsotakis government of its approach to Covid which was to crack heads open in plain sight by his praetorian guards (trained and psychologically prepared for the job at hand after decade of IMF austerity) which led to a mini rebellion, the Covid clowns that run Greece are back with a vengeance, instituting one of Europe’s first Covid apartheid regimes. From the 15th July once restaurants open on the inside alongside cinemas and theatres, a Covid passport will be required to gain access. Dividing society between the vaxxed and unvaxxed appears to be the ‘new normal’.

The ‘Chinese Virus’

In order to justify an extended Second Lockdown (November 2020-May 2021), the Mitsotakis government ramped up the deaths to around 10% of all deaths in a single year (around 13,000), thus almost matching Sweden despite having compulsory masks inside and out, travel permits and a whole host of other measures. This proves once and for all that nothing was gained in relation to Sweden.

If we now take it a step further, we see that China’s Covid deaths have remained below 4,000 since April 2020 for a country of 1.5 billion people whilst Greece’s are three times as many. So we are dealing with a ‘Chinese virus’ with almost zero deaths in China, but a runaway train in the capitalist West which begs the question, are the Chinese burying their Covid dead en masse without reporting them or is the West making the majority of figures up? Either way, it can’t be both a deadly Chinese virus which only effects non-Chinese people….and a non-deadly Chinese virus.

Are we dealing with an actual pandemic which saw global population actually rise in 2020 or with political-economic measures to wipe out a middle class which still isn’t 100% dependent on large global multinational chains? Since the Greek Lockdowns, overseas delivery and transport companies have either made a comeback (like Uber) or have set up shop (like Walt , similar to Uber eats). Either way, the ‘Chinese virus’ is no longer a political football inside China, but in Greece Covid is still the only show on the road.

Destroying Tourism One Covid-1984 Rule At A Time

Despite lifting certain restrictions when Prince Charles visited for the 200 year anniversary of the independence of Greece from the Ottoman Empire, showing in practice that Covid is a very clever virus, the Mitsotakis government has tried its hardest to stop tourism despite alleging it is…‘fully open’. Visitor numbers based on arrivals by plane in the first six months of 2021 are at 76% of the numbers for the same period in 2019. One bankruptcy after another arrives in the news media but is buried in the back pages as we are… ‘Building Back Better’.

The oldest and largest company, Mouzenidis Travel, which operated with offices from Moscow for Russian travellers and having brought over 1 million tourists in 2019, just went bust. In response, the Mitsotakis government introduced new restrictions on Russian travellers by refusing to recognise their Sputnik vaccine and forcing them to do a PCR test to fly to Greece and another test on arrival. As for the Chinese, they are banned from coming to the EU.

An internal shipping company, Agoudimos Transport, has also gone bust. With numbers not expected to be more than 30% of the last full year 2019 and with poorer tourists, this will imply a second year with a loss of tourist income. It’s no coincidence that in one region fights broke out amongst councillors who wanted to ban migrant arrivals as hotel owners have arrived at a point in time wanting to have anyone in to collect some money instead of zero.

Tens of hotels are up for auction and the aim may actually be to close or merge independent hotels by targeting tourism and to turn certain areas into Florida-style accommodation for the retired (e.g. German pensioners). That’s why Syriza handed over 14 regional airports to a German company and Brussels imposes constant Covid-1984 rules. By destroying the competition, they aim to gain control of many hotel units to use them as they see fit. By limiting Russian and Chinese tourism, they make the Greek tourist industry dependent on Government handouts when Lockdowns are imposed, and they have finally changed the nature of the tourist labour market.

Pre-Covid-1984, one used to get a standard six-month contract for the hotel industry (chefs, waiters, cleaners, drivers, receptionists, etc.) and then sign on to the unemployment office in the winter months. Now, however, the contracts are month by month and the instability and insecurity created implies many workers refuse to even countenance that such shortages have been created in many island areas due to this instability. The hotel industry is very labour intensive in terms of cooking and cleaning and difficult to automate in those areas.

The Covid Junta Morphs Into A Covid Apartheid

The Mitsotakis government was praised by The Economist as being the best rulebook followers for Covid. They are now attempting to divide society into vaxxed and unvaxxed and are implementing measures to support only the vaxxed. The reason might be due to the slow uptake of the vax, which according to their own figures imply:

An analysis of the vaxxed in the Greater Athens area shows the following:

Western Athens: 21% one dose/16.3% double vaxx

Eastern Athens: 21.97% with one dose/15.88% double vaxx

Northern Suburbs: 81% with one dose/60% with two vaxxes

Piraeus: 28% with one/22% with two vaxxes…

It’s good to remember the OXI referendum in Greece, which if more than anything else contributed to Brexit as it became de facto a pro EU Referendum with all the media campaigning for a YES vote.


Western Athens

Elefsina: 71.88%/28.12%

Aspropirgos: 79%/20%

Northern Suburbs

Marousi: 49.52%/50.48%

Kifisia: 36%/63.92%

Filothei Psihiko: 28%/71.84%


Keratisini-Drapa : 72.84%/27.16%

Koridallos: 71.25%/28.75%

Perama: 76.64%/23.30%

If one knows the wealth distribution of Athens, one sees that the socio-economic distribution of vaxxed and unvaxxed is that the areas with more money are the ones that had the vaxxes and those with less money voted with their feet mirroring the anti-EU referendum of the last decade. That explains in part the venom by all the parties in Parliament against the people. All the parties present either voted for the 3 Memorandums of Understanding with the Troika or abstained from the OXI Referendum (KKE). In all press releases or statements by leaders of the Opposition, getting the vax is the priority with all else being secondary.

The Greek government has introduced internal Covid passports to travel from the mainland to the islands and wants to extend them when going from region to region. Failure to comply implies one cannot board a ship or a plane, but if one isn’t vaxxed, one has to pay €20 for a Rapid Test to go and same again to come back. The same rule will apply if one is going to be inside a theatre, a cinema, or nightclub or attending an open air football match…

Its no coincidence then that the Mitsotakis government announced €150 incentives to all those aged between 18-25, knowing full well that they won’t be rushing to take the vax.

After announcing with much funfare the pro-vaxx measures and asking eateries to declare their interest, only 6% declared they would accept only vaxxed and a movement on Facebook and Telegram has emerged out of the blue with over 60,000 participants against this ‘medical apartheid’. The government, appearing to be incensed, announced in another raft of measures that they would do spot checks on restaurants. If anyone is found to be sitting inside and not having done a rapid test, they would be fined alongside the owner. Establishments would face closure starting from 7 days. This Covid fascism at its finest.

Government Announces 13 Hospital Closures

This same government and the same ministers, barring a few odd exceptions in the previous decade when they were implementing Troika Memorandum (2012-14), who became internationally famous for cancelling cancer treatments for patients are now saving lives by announcing 13 hospital closures (five of which are in Athens and Thessaloniki).

In the midst of the ‘deadiest pandemic’ in history according to Mitsotakis, certain hospitals are too close to each other and need to close in order to ensure that they are able to cater better to Covid patients after being overrun by all those…cases, 95% of which are all over 70 years of age with one or more underlying health conditions. More and more allegations have surfaced that the Covid protocols introduced in almost every Western country is what led to such large fatalities, not the actual disease itself. The lack of treatment, or more precisely medical negligence for those over a certain age who weren’t in the best of health, led to mass deaths, thus ensuring the Covid narrative continued beyond its sell-by date.

The figures speak for themselves. During the Second Lockdown which lasted for around 7 months, Greece matched Sweden and overtook them in the rate of deaths, which leaves us with the question of why the Lockdowns?

EU’s Muppet Greece Implementing The Green & Digital 2030 Agenda

When Van Der Leyen came to Greece to announce an €8 billion package for a Green and Digital ID agenda, it became clear that Greece is being singled out once more to pioneer the latest socio-economic experiment whose epicentre is techno-fascism where most humans become surplus to requirements. Greece 2.0 is a version of ‘Build Back Better’, or in our case Destroy and Leave Nothing Standing.

Having sold off almost everything, testing the new economy on the locals is the new colonialism. An example is the small island of Astypalaia which will become a Green paradise where no cars except for electric ones are to be used (they’ll also be borrowed, not owned) after they install giant wind farms to power the electricity making it probably impossible to sleep.

The Greek government has gotten rid of the eight-hour day and has implemented new labour laws for the post-Covid era. A compulsory seven-day work week might even be required, which will not be compensated in overtime but taken off in extra holidays when the boss sees fit, making the ideal of the flexible employee equal to a switch on a machine. When you need to turn it on or for it to work, you justpress the switch or extend labour time irrespective of the other costs (i.e transport, childcare, etc.).

In this new ‘woke’ era, we have the phenomena of migrants who died due to lack of heating being compensated to the tune of hundreds of thousands of euros (their descendants are the ones who actually receive the payments) after they arrived illegally in the country and the country has a duty to house, feed and clothe them, whilst no such right exists for the locals. It’s no coincidence that Mitsotakis in one of his pre-electorial speeches stated that one of his main priorities is that…nativism should go. Covid, it has appeared, has given him a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to achieve that goal alongside the Opposition parties that egg him on constantly and highlight his failings as if he hasn’t implemented measures harshly enough.

The fact that the Greek army is the one that run the illegal immigration warehouse built and run all over Greece and is now involved directly in the vaccination programme in the largest such centres in Athens and Thessaloniki shows that the Greek state has become a militarised appendage of the demands of the Great Powers. Unless this link is broken, this decade will be worse than the one before.

By Evans Aggelissopoulos

Former university lecturer from a Greek family of political emigres who specializes in Greek Deep State politics.