Extremism In The European Union

Extremism in the European Union (EU) these days is all over the place: Russophobia, vaccination phobia, right-wing extremism, Facebook, Big Tech, Big Pharma extremism and LGBHTQ madness. No one is safe anymore. Your thoughts are being censored and opposite speech is called hate-speech.


Every possible thing that goes wrong is blamed on Russia. The most crazy thing that happened was the finding of a bunch of documents, which apparently came from MI6 (British Secret Service), found at an abandoned bus station in the UK. Cyberattacks are blamed solemnly on Russia. Everyone knows, or ought to know, that criminals or governments (many of them are criminal) can produce cyberattacks and let them look as if they come from Russia, Ukrainian hackers are professionals in those kinds of practices, with an advantage of speaking Russian. Also, in my opinion the World Economic Forum (WEF), with its master Klaus Schwab, announced already that in the near future we will get cyber attacks on our food supply and exactly that happened during the weekend in Sweden.

Vaccination Phobia

Vaccination is not a bad thing if the vaccines are properly tested and monitored over a period of time, to see the side-effects, which usually happened in the old days before the C-war on the people. It’s good to eliminate real diseases. Nowadays they inject people with experimental vaccines of which nobody knows the outcome in a few years. It resembles the medical experiments the CIA conducted in the fifties or sixties of the last century, with mind-altering drugs, or the Nazi medical experiments, conducted not only in the concentration camps, but also on citizens with mental health issues and the handicapped. The difference is the scale. It seems Big Pharma is now in control and found the whole world to be their testing ground. If you oppose or have doubts, you are considered a danger to the system. This is very dangerous, it resembles the thoughts of a totalitarian regime. You aren’t supposed to think by yourself, but do what the government or deep state wants you to do! They want to control your body and mind. All for the benefit of the people, they claim!

Right-Wing Extremism

People who oppose or speak up against vaccines, the bombing of Gaza, Russiaphobia or LGBHTQ, are labeled as being a right-wing extremist, which is totally out of the context. Germany in particular, with its terrible past, is now subsequently labelling people who are actually the opposite as extremists. They like to use the term antisemitism a lot for things that have nothing to do with it at all. They protect the war crimes of the Israeli regime perhaps more than the US does because of their past. They are blind to new war crimes committed every day, also, by Israel. Whole websites and people are deprived of bank accounts and freedom of speech, who have nothing to do with right-wing extremism or antisemitism, but just opposing the government in the vaccination programme or the handling of the war on Gaza. Even the Syrian war is an outing of extremism because (they say) you agree with “mass murderer” Assad. Of course, there is Antifa and the Neo-Nazis, those are the real extremists, but politicians are so indoctrinated and/or scared for their jobs in politics that the truth is not important anymore. Germany is the best example in the EU.

Facebook & Big Tech Extremism

Facebook has introduced a new ‘item’ to scare us and control us wherever they can. On their site they stated:

Facebook is starting to warn some users they might have seen “extremist content” on the social media site. Screenshots shared on Twitter showed a notice asking “Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist?” And another that alerted users “you may have been exposed to harmful extremist content recently.”

This is pure intimidation and clearly shows the power of the Big Tech companies who became extremists themselves. It also clearly indicated the making of a totalitarian technocratic state, which many of us warned about, but are all silenced by the same Big Tech we are writing about.


An invention of the last few years, like Black Life Matters and the so-called climate madness group, Fridays for Future. An invention of the deep-state, the real government of the world. To create chaos and upheaval and to cover-up the broken capitalist system.

LGBHTQ is used as an extreme tool. I doubt if homosexuals and others are happy with this madness. To mix soccer with LGBHTQ is dangerous. Sports and politics ought to be seperated, but since the Olympic Games, we know that’s an illusion.

The issue of LGBHTQ rights has never been part of European values. Simply because the European Union was created by the Treaty of Rome, in 1957, and at that time, there were no LGBTQ issues, just people who where different and later on accept by most EU countries.”

There were, however, homosexuals, and others, which existed sinds the creation of human life Until the adoption of “Paragraph 175” in Germany in 1871 and the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1885 in the United Kingdom, no one had ever had the idea of penalizing same-sex sexual relations.”

There were laws in Europe prohibiting sodomy but it was never a big issue. Also, a country like the Netherlands should know better. It is the most tolerant country of Europe where all these groups are accepted since the sixties of the last century. The same applies for many other Western countries during the revolutionary Flower Power time of the sixties. It should not have to be an issue anymore, but it got politized like the C-virus and that’s a very dangerous thing! Governments use it as a tool to suppress people to get their noses in the same direction so they are easily controlled and indulge in immoral behaviour to distract from the real issues.


Western Europe has become a totalitarian bloc with no tolerance for other cultures or beliefs, nor for people who for instance oppose laws on religious or moral issues. The agenda of the EU is clear and zero tolerance is practiced. The political landscape has become a laughing stock if it wasn’t so dangerous because of the deep state which has actually gained power. Organizations like the WEF, Fridays for Future and others sponsored by Geroge Soros have taken control. They dominate the EU, the schoolbooks and conduct brainwashing on young people. Also, Big Pharma and Big Tech are part of the deep state controlling our daily lives, but only if we let them!

By Sonja van den Ende

independent journalist