Sara Carter: The Swamp Will Never Be Able To Hide Again After Trump

Authored by Annaliese Levy via,

Sara Carter joined “The Next Revolution” on Fox News with Steve Hilton Sunday night to discuss the interaction between big business and big government and exposing corruption.

“I’ve always said, you can always find bipartisanship in lobbying firms,” Carter said.

“You’ll always find bipartisanship there because that’s where they go to line their pockets after they leave office or once they move around the bureaucracy, they figure out ways to make money.

Hilton compared the Biden scandal to a symbol of everything that is wrong with Washington and emphasized the importance of exposing corruption.

“From the House all the way down to the Senate, to the bureaucrats and everyone else, I think that we got to look at overall the complexity of this. How do we take care of this machine? How do we take care of this beast?” Carter asked referring to the corruption in Washington.

According to Carter, the corruption in Washington is why Trump faced such retaliation during this time in office.

“It’s a beast and it feeds on itself and it knows how to slow roll. Which is why the Trump administration had such a difficult time. No matter how many times President Trump tried to do something or enact some kind of policy, if there were people opposed to it at the Pentagon, if there were people opposed to it at the state department, we might never know their names, but they just sat back and said you know what, we’re going to slow roll this policy so that it never comes to fruition,” Carter said.

Carter credited Trump for his dedication to the American people and exposing the truth.

“Thank God for President Trump because it exposed it in such a way that it will never be able to hide again.”

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