Trump Calls This Man “One Of The Dumbest People In Washington” – Cites N.Korea Policy

In a late night Saturday tweet President Trump trashed his former national security advisor John Bolton, who after his September 2019 firing wrote a book deeply critical of Trump.

Trump called Bolton “one of the dumbest people in Washington” while taking him to task on his hawkish North Korea policy, a crucial area he was famously sidelined on during Trump’s big June 2019 Koreas-United States DMZ Summit. Recall that Bolton was literally sent to Mongolia while Trump was shaking hands on the historic occasion with Kim Jong-un at the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

Trump asserted his ex-adviser wanted a “Libyan solution” for dealing with North Korea, and added he’s got plenty of other Bolton “stupid stories”.

Not only was Bolton a huge supporter of the disastrous Iraq War, but he’s a notorious Iran hawk, and in the end there’s never been a US military intervention overseas he wasn’t on board for. 

Specifically Trump appeared to be reacting to this Saturday CNN interview with Bolton:

According to Trump’s tweet, Bolton continued to simply be Bolton – that is, pushing for use of American power and force everywhere as a “solution”.

But the reality remains is that Bolton’s ultra-hawkishness was long known to the point of being a meme, and Trump brought him on board in the first place, serving in the nation’s most powerful foreign policy post for a full 18 months. 

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