Major Winter Storm Comes Roaring Into Northeast

Here comes the winter storm. People from North Carolina to Massachusetts are being warned about heavy snow, sleet, and freezing rain that could extend through Thursday. 

“This is going to be a serious storm — and people need to take it seriously,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday. 

For New York City, the snowstorm could be one of the biggest in years. As much as a foot is expected to fall across the metro area, northern New Jersey and Connecticut could get even more. 

According to NWS NY, snow total forecasts through the end of the week for NYC could amount to around one foot. 

Winterstorm watches and warnings cover a great deal of the Mid-Atlantic area and Northeast. 

“Here’s what we rolled for the upcoming storm. Note the ranges are there for a reason – sleet will be a limiting factor in coastal New England and Mid-Atlantic. Heaviest snowfall likely from central PA to the Hudson Valley and interior southern New England. Over a foot expected,” reported meteorologist Ed Vallee

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announced an emergency order ahead of the storm, which allows the state to use additional resources to keep roadways clear. 

Pennsylvania, like many other Mid-Atlantic and Northeast states, is distributing COVID-19 vaccines. The storm could severely impact travel along Interstate 95. 

Wolf had this advice to residents:

“There’s actually something simple that every Pennsylvanian can do to help us all get through this storm as quickly as possible… And that is: Stay home if you can.”

For prior coverage of the storm – we informed readers as early as last Friday (read: here & here & here). 

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