Watch: Moment German Commandos Intercept & Raid Turkish Ship Bound For Libya


The Turkish media published a video this week showing the interception and search of a Turkish cargo vessel by German forces which happened Sunday as part of the European Union’s “Irini” operation in the Mediterranean.

According to reports, the Turkish merchant ship was bound for the Libyan coast before it was stopped by the German naval forces in the eastern Mediterranean.

In the video shared by RT, the German forces can be seen approaching the vessel with its warship and helicopters, as they later entered the ship to search its contents.

On Monday, the Turkish Foreign Ministry condemned Germany’s attempted inspection, calling it a violation of international law.

According to Deutsche Welle:

A diplomatic spat erupted between Turkey and Germany on Monday after Ankara accused German troops of carrying out a search of a freighter as part of the EU’s Irini mission to enforce the UN’s Libya arms embargo.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said it had summoned the envoys to Ankara of Germany, the EU and Italy to protest the “unauthorized” operation.

“We protest this action, which was conducted without authority and with the use of force,” the ministry said.

The German army confirmed that Turkey prevented German forces operating within a military mission of the European Union from inspecting a Turkish cargo ship “believed to be transporting weapons to Libya.”

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