‘Woke’ Sex Workers Force Actress Bella Thorne To Apologize After $2MN ‘OnlyFans’ Debut

After breaking the record for most money earned on OnlyFans in a single week, actress Bella Thorne, 22, has been forced by the ‘woke mob’ into apologizing to the ‘sex worker community’ for new restrictions imposed by the app following the former Disney Channel star’s resounding success.

Here’s what happened: First, Thorne hyped up her decision to join the app, eliciting a deluge of subscriptions, even though she has pledged not to post any nude or explicit content. Then, an individual posing as Thorne scammed a pack of horny subscribers out of $200 for a “nude” photo that didn’t actually depict Thorne in the nude.

After screengrabs of the scammers’ posts wen viral, OnlyFans decided to set new limits on the prices that creators can charge for pay-per-view content, as well as the amount that users can “tip” creators. Pay per view content can no longer be priced above $50, and tips top out at $100.

Afterwards, the ‘sex workers’ and their ‘woke’ ‘allies’ took to Twitter to hound Thorne and her team into issuing an apology, which she did Saturday afternoon via Twitter.

Some of these tweets even verge on inciting violence against Thorne.

To be fair, Thorne’s claim that she joined OF not for the money but as a gesture of support to sex workers in an attempt to remove ‘the stigma’ associated with sex work (an obsession of woke feminist sex workers pushing for decriminalization of prostitution across the US).

Thorne also claimed she has a meeting booked with OF to find out more about why the company imposed these new restrictions.

Unfortunately, the ‘woke mob’ felt her apology was “performative af”.

To be fair, even if Thorne does experience some career blow back, at least she has her OF income to carry her through.

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