Remote-Working Americans Shell Out $30,000 For Tiny Home Offices 

As the COVID-19 pandemic struck fast and hard, years of changes are transforming the economy in a matter of quarters. For instance, the trend of remote work continues to erupt, allowing folks to work at home instead of corporate offices. 

The next-generation work environment could be one’s back yard. People have been shelling out $30,000 for tiny home offices post-pandemic.

Yahoo Finance said Colorado-based Studio Shed is building tiny home offices for an average cost of $20,000 to $30,000. The sheds are commonly installed in the backyard of a home, allow white-collar folks to work from home but removed from the main house.

Studio Shed co-founder Mike Koenig said remote working during the pandemic has led to a massive increase in sales this year over the last, increasing 14-fold so far. 

“Recently, we have seen a massive surge in the 80- to 120-square feet option, which is a perfect office size or home gym or kid’s study area,” Koenig said. “We were already seeing some very good growth having started in 2008 just seeing these shifts in the way people work and wanting to spend more time at home and maybe not commute, but starting in March, it’s just been growing significantly.”

He said, “as soon as March and April hit, we definitely saw that the Eastern part of the country grows, that market is up a couple of hundred percent over last year.”

Koenig said demand is coming from all over the country. If it’s East or West Coast, demand for tiny office sheds appears to be the next big trend in white-collar America as remote working trends continue to reshape everything we know about the economy. 

Readers may recall remote working has triggered one of the biggest outbound migration trends of cities to suburbs in decades, fewer vehicle miles are being driven, and commercial real estate implodes

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