Stelter Says CNN Will “Live Fact Check” RNC; Critics Ask Why It Didn’t Do The Same For DNC

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

CNN host Brian Stelter announced Sunday that the network will ‘live fact check’ the Republican National Convention, promoting critics to ask why the network didn’t do the same during the snore fest that was the Democratic National Convention.

Stelter declared that because there will likely be a “stream of disinformation” at the RNC this week, CNN will “cut away” from the event as and when it needs to correct GOP claims.

Stelter also hilariously slammed other networks for being biased.

“There is an asymmetry in our media…where Fox is off there on the right in ways that other networks are not, in the middle or on the left,” Stelter said, further claiming that “one side” lies “a whole lot more than the other.”

Many were quick to highlight the sheer hypocrisy of Stelter’s tantrum:

Indeed, before the RNC has even begun, CNN has been working to spread misinformation about those speaking at the event, describing former Covington High School student Nick Sandmann as a person who “sued major networks over a viral video,” and the McCloskeys as a couple who ‘waved guns at protesters’:

Sandmann noted recently that he will use the opportunity at the RNC to burn the leftist media:

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