The Evolution Of Fiat Money (Part 3): Where Is This All Going? (Spoiler Alert – Nowhere Good!)

Authored by ‘ICE-9’ via The Burning Platform blog,

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Where Is This All Going?

Like any confidence game or Ponzi scheme, endless “growth” using any form of money cannot be sustained indefinitely, and the creditor / political class knows this and are preparing to unleash the inevitable crash that plunges the globe into an economic dark ages from which they shall rule absolutely and where what amenities remain shall be monopolized to themselves.  We see our expectations for the future being managed downwards, promises of opportunity replaced with visions of “safety”, individualism and self-sufficiency publically scorned as “we are all in this together”, and the inchoate beginnings of the ecological peasant religion of “Climate Change”.  Some review of the philosophical history that got us to this point will suffice.

One reason the 19th and early 20th century German state was such an implacable foe to the creditor class and their privately owned central banks was its embrace of the End of History as formulated by Georg Hegel and adopted by the Prussian state and later the German Emperors.  Hegel saw history as a progression of wars with history being the documentation of political struggles between people of different states, and people within states.  Wars and rebellions arose because people existed in states operating without what Hegel termed “objectivity, truth, and ethical life”.  Once the free and noble state emerged and, through its rightful conquest of neighboring states and assimilation of their peoples into this “objectivity, truth, and ethical life”, happiness and human fulfilment would abound, the need for conflict cease, war would no longer be waged, and the documentation of wars and struggles that Hegel defined as history would end, and so the End of History would descend as universal peace and freedom.  Thus Hegel’s version of the End of History placed all societal institutions – including central banks – subsumed to the state, and that precluded a privately owned central bank in a German Empire as this would only serve its owners.  And all Germanic peoples were targeted for eventual assimilation into “objectivity, truth, and ethical life” – Germanic peoples where privately owned central banks already existed.

To combat the German Empire’s vision of “objectivity, truth, and ethical life” a competing version of Hegel’s End of History was formulated by Karl Marx and spread as communism among the German working class and western European intelligentsia.  This co-opted version replaced politics with economics, and cast history as the documentation not of political struggles, but of economic struggles between owners of the means of production, the states that protected their privileges, and the alienated proletariat.  All societal institutions were again to be subsumed to the communist state but this time happiness and human fulfilment would abound and the need for conflict cease et cetera when private ownership of property was abolished and economic equality of outcome was established.

By the end of WWII the privately owned central banks, with their powers to issue or withhold credit and set interest rates, had become the de facto controllers of state, and with the threat of “objectivity, truth, and ethical life” finally eliminated, and communism accepted as a necessary menace to promote the spread of “democracy” and US Dollar financing, the creditor class began to rework both Hegel and Marx.  Thus in the late 1930s, at the University of Chicago and funded by “philanthropic” money from John D. Rockefeller, began the theoretical amalgamation of both Hegel and Marx into a revised “End of History” where most of the world’s inhabitants would fight to the death to establish the suzerainty of the “Philosopher Kings” – i.e., the highest echelon of the creditor class – as the global nobility and the “End of History” would descend when both economic poverty and political subjugation were established equally among men.  So in this new version of the “End of History”, happiness and human fulfilment would abound when there is a complete absence of wealth and total political disenfranchisement among the vast hordes of humanity that somehow managed to survive the catastrophic wars needed to achieve their universal destitution. 

This is what is publicly known and overtly referred to today in Neoconservative circles as the “New World Order” – it is the creditor / political class blueprint for their end game – the “End of History” and total world domination with Plato’s versions of a completely static society and “Justice” thrown in.

Key to these machinations of the creditor / political class for their implementation of this revised “End of History” is the elimination of sovereign nations through war, their insolvency resulting from prosecution of endless-endless war, and citizen disenfranchisement via “democracy”.  The endless-endless wars will eventually bankrupt all nations and as they are beholden to their privately owned central banks for their operating funds, these banks can either withhold the issuance of credit or raise interest rates to unsustainable levels that trigger hyper-deflation, social instability, and total economic and national security collapse.  A nation that can no longer fund itself can no longer exist among other nations and will devolve into a failed state and this is how the “New World Order” will progress, one bankrupt nation and IMF / World Bank bailout loan at a time.  The endless-endless wars also have the added benefit of killing a large portion of the young, fighting fit men in a society and thereby eliminate the major threat of opposition and rebellion on the home front.  And the imposition of “democracy”, where maximum participation in “voting” is promoted by enfranchising the likes of illegal aliens, teenagers, the mentally retarded, dementia sufferers, antisocial felons, and all manner of peoples that have no business deciding anything, will eventually result not in increased participation, but in large segments of the population giving up on the political process entirely as their influence is diluted to the point of an exercise in futility.  Thus out of the economic and social chaos of protracted war and national bankruptcy these new voices added to “democracy” will eventually be presented with the “choice” of giving up national sovereignty to the extra-governmental political and financial organizations in exchange for the “stability”, “safety”, and a guaranteed “living wage” provided by these same global extra-governmental organizations that the creditor / political class has been so meticulous to cultivate over these last 60 years.  With sovereignty “suspended” over an apathetic, reactionary, and uneducated public, there will effectively be no more “citizenship” and thus no challenge to the new rule of the “Philosopher Kings”.  Thus we get not only the “End of History”, but the death of citizenship and a return to the subjugation of the medieval period – the “Neo-feudalism” so often mention in current writings.

Plato plays a central role in the imposition of the “End of History”.  Where Hegel and Marx were the “why”, Plato is the “how”.  The core tenant in Platonic thought is his concept of “Justice”, being no more than the natural way of things – e.g., the strong rule over the weak, and the ultimate strength in the Platonic system is logic.  Thus a small group of “Philosopher Kings” represent the highest order of society and rule devoid of empathy and make all decisions based on logic alone, empower decision delivery to the next class level consisting of “enforcers” trained in the martial arts and music that ensure absolute compliance to the decisions of the “Philosopher Kings” by the mass of everyone else that decides nothing.  As this societal structure represents perfect “Justice”, it is immutable and thus the “End of History” ushers in a completely static social; hierarchy from which no one can escape.  The creditor / political class in its role as “Philosopher Kings” is thereby ensured its eternal position of rule over the entirety of humanity and is what is represented as the All Seeing Eye, which has nothing to do with omniscience or vigilance, hovering above the base of the pyramid that represents the mass of everyone else under the tyrannical rule of empathy-free logic, universal poverty, and absolute political disenfranchisement.

We are presently nearing the end of a 450 year phase in the motives behind what has become the greatest power in the world – the power to conjure armies out of thin air using credit, the ability to elevate or destroy nations and peoples by the setting of interest rates in one direction or the other, and the ability to vanquish armies by the provision or withholding of credit.  In a fiat system all political decisions not related to the creation and cost of credit are secondary.  But as pure fiat money is now wholly divorced from labor inputs, it is wholly worthless and so profits derived from pure fiat money are illusory as they have no base unit value determinant.  The future of continual fiat debasement is secured not through budget deficits but through the advancement of “efficiency” and increasing prevalence of automation and declining labor inputs into the production of goods and services.  We see “efficiency” now reduce labor inputs to that of building and maintaining robots for manufacture and transport of goods, and when robots build other robots and artificial intelligence makes decisions, labor inputs are removed entirely and the jig is up for money.  What we presently hear about “de-industrialization” is all just fancy talk to describe ever increasing industrial efficiency through automation.  Thus the end of growth and the end of money approaches nearer with each incremental “efficiency” gain, and growth cannot be sustain by profitable endeavors not backed by labor inputs.  Instead, we have the increasing illusion of profit created by continually removing labor inputs until zero labor input is reached and all produced things become truly valueless.

At the point where money represents zero labor input and has no intrinsic value, it is transformed into a purely political tool, backed now by “enforcers” to ensure it is the only medium of exchange and thus, the coercion of human behavior becomes the new form of “value” in the “New World Order”.  At the “End of History” when technology triumphs and human inputs are no longer required to produce goods and services, the ability to control human action by the distribution or withholding of money becomes the unit measure of “value”.  Thus we see the groundwork being laid for digital “money”, “social credit scores”, the “surveillance state”, and “universal basic income” as the nascent means of coercing mass human behavior as “technology” will be the only thing remaining that possesses some human input and therefore, intrinsic “value”, whether behavior is focused or unfocused.  Here it becomes possible to create a trillion dollar business based solely upon the persuasion and harvesting of human inputs in the form of mouse clicks.

So at the “End of History”, labor is unnecessary, and as universal “peace” has descended after the conclusion of endless-endless war and total bankruptcy of the fiat system, the “citizen soldier” and “citizen laborer” too become unnecessary.  Thus the “End of History” will bring about both the “End of Citizenship” and the “End of Work”, transform the bulk of humanity into obsolescence, and leave the logical and devoid of empathy “Philosopher Kings” no choice but initiate mass depopulation programs as not doing so would risk the “peace” and potentially start the revival of history.

So when money has no value, generates only illusory profits, and is disbursed by edict to those who are increasingly unnecessary, money has then transformed from the “means to power” to “power in of its self”.  Society then devolves into one where many are not only alienated from the means of production, but now are alienated from not only the means to experiencing a fulfilling existence, but from the means of existence itself.  Endeavors related to the pursuit of profit are removed from the power equation, and with profit motive gone much of human endeavor formerly occupied by tradecraft and commerce becomes meaningless.  At this point there is no more need for the “Philosopher Kings” to stand on pretense, as “power in of itself” becomes their human motivation backed by the perfectly “just” and entirely static societal structure.  When “peace” descends over the “End of History”, the veneer of past civil society that kept some form of balance in check is permanently effaced. 

Thus the “End of History” and rise of the “Philosopher Kings” shall usher in an age of unparalleled violence, barbarism, and human meaninglessness that the ever declining numbers of people under empathy-free logical rule will yearn for a return to the days of history and an end to the “End of History”.

So What Is to Be Done?

Do I think the creditor / political class will achieve their “End of History”?  No. 

Do I think the creditor / political class will destroy everyone and everything in their attempt to achieve their “End of History”?  Yes, most definitely. 

It all begins to make sense once one accepts that the sole purpose now for the existence of the United States is the never ending global accumulation of US Dollar fiat debt across every sector of every society of every nation so to initiate the simultaneous financial, cultural, and spiritual destruction of all people’s collective will to exist separately as nations.

We have had the synthesis wrong for far too long because we view synthesis from our own biased perspective towards self.  Once we realize that there really is a small and incredibly powerful and psychopathic group out there that wants to entirely destroy and enslave us, the “End of History” can become synthesis – but it’s their synthesis – and only then can the seeming disconnect between thesis (the world is violent and chaotic) and antithesis (the world is peace and predictable) arising from our bias of self-perspective be joined through their synthesis.  Thus then can what initially appear as stochastic insanity be finally recognized as perfectly logical and purposeful objective.  The siren song of “Globalism” is the creditor / political classes’ first call for initiates willing to embrace their servitude in the “End of History” and help gather up the easily persuaded and put them to work during the next call, which will not be persuasive and will not be aimed at those so willing.  The final call will be for all those who remain uncommitted to get in the boxcars.

The transition from physical money representing a true store of value to that of paper money divorced from labor inputs that represents nothing and is used as a political tool has not made mankind more refined or evolved.  It has instead enabled the ruling creditor / political class to now endlessly wage endless wars of no advantage to its combatants and at zero financial and personal risk to the instigators. 

There is no coincidence that “World Wars” began one year after the creation of the Federal Reserve System, and “World Wars” will continue in the form of endless-endless wars so long as the Federal Reserve System or any other global fiat money system exists to conjure armies out of thin air.  Fiat money has enabled endless research into the methods and efficiency of waging war which is at its base level the science of how to kill more and more people using fewer and fewer resources, and this science, when combined with finance, psychology, and biology is more and more successful with every passing year. 

Fiat money has reduced citizenship to the levels of unpaid mercenary and tax slave in the pursuit of maximizing global accumulation of US Dollar debt financing.  And, as fiat money is now a political tool, it has corrupted every facet of society leading to the moral collapse of nearly every state and societal institution and, most significantly and by design, declines in the collective will of peoples to exist as separate nations.  Thus it is fiat money that is the barbarous invention, and the gold and silver coinage of old the noble relic.  And most importantly, the creditor / political class that controls the issuance and price of fiat money is the greatest single menace to the people of the world today.

Thus with this realization it becomes clear what needs to be done.  And what needs to be done will not be accomplished peacefully – there is just no other way, for the creditor / political class is like a weed that will not go away until it is pulled out by its roots, burned into ashes, and the soil from whence it grew salted for eternity…

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