Nancy Pelosi Admits On CNN: “China Would Prefer Joe Biden”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just admitted during a live interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the threats posed by Russia and China during the upcoming presidential election “aren’t equivalent” – because Russia is pulling for Trump, and China is pulling for Biden.

In an interview that was notably thin on details and heavy on rhetoric, Pelosi insisted that the American people’s lack of an “understanding” about the reality of “foreign influence” in US elections is unquestionably the Trump Administration’s fault. While administration officials, including the head of the FBI, have spoken out about steps being taken by the administration to root out foreign interference, Pelosi dismissed these attempts as not nearly hysteria-inducing enough.

While Pelosi couldn’t give out too many details – “I can’t divulge information that’s classified” – but insinuated that this is part of an international plot to bend the election, just like last time.

But at one point, Pelosi accidentally let slip that Russia isn’t the only state actor trying to influence the election. China is ramping up its efforts, too. And while Russia is standing by its man, China is pouring resources into pulling for Joe Biden (just like the rest of the American mainstream media).

“China would prefer Joe Biden..but .Russia is actively 24/7 interfering in our election, they did so in 2016 and they’re doing so now, and [the administration says] that to a certain extent, but they need to tell the people more.”

Watch the full clip below:

So if, in theory, TikTok starts using its platform to boost pro-Biden content in key swing states to try and sway the election, just like it has done to promote Chinese interests in the US, would Pelosi speak out about this as well?

She then bemoaned the threat of “Vladimir Putin” choosing the next president “for us”.

Just like he did last time, remember?

Conservatives on Twitter immediately latched on to Pelosi’s rare burst of honesty.

Meanwhile, White House Spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany wonders aloud why Biden, who claims to care deeply about the millions of Americans desperately in need of extended benefits, won’t intercede and ask Pelosi and Schumer not to stand in the way of Trump’s executive order to extend the benefits.

And the mainstream media is touting the latest poll results suggesting Biden’s “lead” on handling COVID-19 “blows away” Trump’s lead on the economy.

But we can’t help but wonder: how many Americans can really say they’re “confident” in Biden’s ability to lead during a crisis like this. He has literally spent the last 5 months hiding in a basement, hardly even speaking up to challenge the federal response, except to do some political pandering. At the very least, Trump is there. He is leading the country through this. His administration has been accused of making many mistakes, some of those criticisms are probably warranted. But he still keeps showing up, day after day, to tackle the worst outbreak in the world.

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