Watch Live: SpaceX To Launch Mega-Rocket Starship

The second flight test of the SpaceX mega-rocket known as “Starship” is set for Saturday morning. According to the SpaceX website, a 20-minute launch window opens up at 0800 ET. 

SpaceX initially planned the launch for Friday morning, but CEO Elon Musk wrote in a post on social media platform X, “We need to replace a grid fin actuator, so the launch is postponed to Saturday.” 

On Wednesday, the Federal Aviation Administration approved SpaceX for the second launch of the world’s most powerful rocket following a mishap in April

“The FAA determined SpaceX met all safety, environmental, policy, and financial responsibility requirements,” the agency wrote on X. 

At the moment, SpaceX has a satellite launching monopoly. Musk recently said, “SpaceX will deliver ~90% of all Earth payload to orbit,” adding, “Starship will take that to >99% in future years.” 

Musk is leaving Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin in the dust even as the Biden administration weaponized federal agencies against SpaceX. 

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Watch the rocket show here:



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