Watch Live: Hezbollah Leader Gives First Speech As Israel On High State Of Alert

At 3 p.m. Lebanon time (9am ET), the leader of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah will give his first speech since the war between Israel and Hamas began, at a moment Israel is on a very high state of alert along its northern border.

Secretrary-General Nasrallah’s speech could prove a turning point in the whole conflict depending on whether he tells his many tens of thousands of hardline Shia troops that a full war front will be opened against Israel. Will broader regional war kick off? Watch the speech live from Beirut: 

The US, Israel, and various Lebanese political factions have warned and urged Iran-backed Hezbollah not to escalate the conflict with Israel. Further Israeli officials have warned of military strikes on Hezbollah’s key backers in Damascus and Iran should it escalate the war along Israel’s northern border.


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