The Essential Christmas Cleanup Checklist for a Sparkling Home

The holidays often leave behind a mess. From decorations to an influx of guests, keeping a clean home can be challenging. That’s why you should stick to a Christmas cleaning checklist. When you have a checklist, you just need to stick to it and proceed with cleaning. To make your life easy, we thought of sharing a checklist for end of lease cleaning Parramatta. Use this Christmas cleanup checklist to get your spaces guest-ready and sparkling clean.

Start in the kitchen

Your kitchen likely saw the most use over the holidays. This is why you should start off cleaning the kitchen. You will need to clear the countertops and store seldom-used appliances to free up space. Then you need to organize pots, pans and cooking utensils so they are easily accessible. After that, you can move on to the appliances.

As the next step, you can start off to clean inside the oven and microwave. You may scrub the stovetop, removing all burnt-on food. Take everything out of the refrigerator and wipe down the shelves. Then you need to deep clean inside drawers and cabinets. Make sure to mop floors, letting them fully dry before restocking. These kitchen cleaning methods can help you to get rid of all unwanted clutter as well.

Move to the living room

Once you are done with kitchen cleaning, you can move to the living room cleaning. This is where you should take down all the Christmas decorations. You will need to wrap all ornaments and lights and store them so that you can use them next year. Next, you should fluff and vacuum furniture, and dust tabletops, TV stands, baseboards, and shelves. You may also spot-clean the floors and walls as needed.

Start cleaning the bedroom

Bedroom cleaning is the next thing that you need to do. This is where you can strip beds and wash all the linens. You will also need to vacuum and spot-clean the mattresses. Depending on the number of bedrooms you have, you will have to spend some time cleaning. Make sure you take time and do it, so you can complete the job properly.

While cleaning the bedroom, you should focus more on decluttering and organizing. You will also need to focus a lot on dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. Since you are spending a considerable amount of time in bedrooms, ensure you don’t ignore disinfecting as well.

Clean the bathrooms

Bathroom cleaning is the next thing that you should do. You should start disinfecting the toilets, showers, and sinks. Along with that, make sure to pay attention to other bathroom surfaces as well. During bathroom cleaning, we often tend to ignore the areas under sink cabinets and drawers. Make sure that you have time to clean those areas as well. You should properly organize all the products you have in them as well. Then you can restock toilet paper and towels.

Clean your flooring

The next part of your New Year’s cleaning checklist is to clean your flooring. You can start by sweeping and mopping all the hard flooring. If possible, you can also pay attention to polishing the floors. Then you can vacuum carpets and area rugs. Go over both with a carpet cleaner to remove stains for a deep clean. You can also wash throw pillows and blankets you have. Open blinds to let natural light in and brighten up rooms.

Clean the entryway

Last but not least, you need to sparkle up the entryway. This is what greets guests and makes first impressions. Clear out clutter on shelves, benches and tabletops. Then you need to organise shoes, coats and accessories. Make sure you also clean fingerprints from doors and sterilize handles. You should also spot clean walls and vacuum flooring. Then you can add a fresh wreath or seasonal decor. This is one of the best guest-ready home tips you can follow.

As a final touch, take out trash and recycle. Wipe down waste bins inside and out and replace bags. You must also clean pet areas like litter boxes, crates and beds. Maintain tidiness by putting everything back in its home. Then you can complete post-celebration tidying effectively.

Final Words

Follow these tips and transform a chaotic, holiday mess into clean, clutter-free and shiny spaces. A sparkling home ready for hosting creates an ambient atmosphere to welcome friends and family over the next season.

If you feel that you can’t handle all these cleaning tasks on your own, you should get the help of a house cleaning service. Anyone looking for such a cleaning service can contact us at Affordable Cleaning and Gardening Services. As the leading cleaning service in Parramatta, we can keep your house looking perfect throughout the holiday season.

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