Joint replacement surgery in Gurgaon is the best solution for joint disorders.

Injury, wear and tear, and conditions like rheumatoid arthritis can take a toll on someone’s health, causing immense pain and stiffness and making the movement tough. When symptoms are severe, and the pain becomes unbearable, people opt for joint replacement surgery in Gurgaon to restore mobility and eliminate the damaged joint. 

Over 4 million people in the USA will go for joint replacement surgery by 2030. Joint replacement surgeries primarily include knee, hips, fingers, elbows, shoulders, and ankle replacements. Primarily, joint pain occurs due to calcium deficiency in Hindi and has an impact on life.

What are Joint Replacement Surgeries?

Joint replacement surgery in Gurgaon is a process where a surgeon will get rid of the damaged joints and will replace them with a new artificial or prosthetic joint. Sometimes, the orthopedic surgeon will eliminate the entire joint and sometimes only fix or replace the damaged part. Joint replacement surgery becomes necessary when any disease restricts the blood flow, causing difficulties in the bones and many others. A new joint mostly consists of plastic, ceramic, or metal parts. 

When to go for Joint Replacement Surgery in Gurgaon?

The doctors might recommend joint replacement surgery when there is immense calcium deficiency in Hindi, or other treatments are inefficient in movement or relieving the pain. These include:

  • Weight loss for reducing the joint burden
  • Physical therapy or exercises for strengthening the surrounding muscles
  • Address the repetitive movements with worsening symptoms
  • Steroid injections such as cortisone for cushioning and lubricating the joint
  • Non-steroidal medicines such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen to decrease the pain and swelling
  • Other supports like canes or braces are not giving relief


Which materials are mostly used for joint replacements?

Joint prosthetics are mainly made of metals, plastics, and ceramic materials. Among them, mostly used are stainless steel, Alumina, ZTA or Zirconia Toughened Alumina, titanium alloys, high-strength alloys, and UHMWPE.

Advantages of Joint Replacement Surgery

The advantages of joint replacement surgery are numerous. It can be a life-changing event due to the following:

  • Pain will be completely gone or, in some cases, reduced
  • Mobility will be improved or fully restored
  • The replaced joint will perform for several years like the original one
  • You can return to normal life and resume other activities with no or little pain 
  • Can also play low-impact sports like cycling or golf 
How to Prepare for the Joint Replacement Surgery in Gurgaon?

Before going for the surgery, you should prepare for what will be coming afterward. The surgery recovery might involve a little pain and can last for several weeks. You might have to walk with a walker or crutches for a few days. Also, after the joint replacement surgery in Gurgaon, the patient has to do light exercises or go for physical therapy for the new joint to adjust and work well with the body.

Most people experience an outstanding improvement in doing everyday things like cleaning a house, engaging in swimming, dancing, swimming, stair climbing and many more. Avoid the high impact activities for the remaining life like:

  • Skiing, jogging or running
  • Karate or other martial arts
  • Playing basketball, soccer, and football
  • Jumping the rope
  • Aerobics class

The new joint can last for over 15 years, particularly if you can treat them well. But never put too much strain and stress on the joints as they can become loose or wear out. You have to go through an exercise program including:

  • Regular walking safely and gradually
  • Slowly resuming normal activities like climbing the stairs, getting up and down from a bed, sofa or chair
  • Daily exercise to strengthen the muscles near the joint 
Are there any Risks Related with Joint Replacement Surgery?

Any major surgery includes risks, but the percentage depends on the overall health of the joints and the patient before the surgery. It is also dependent on the surgery that the patient will be undergoing. Always follow the doctor’s advice after the surgery about exercise, medicines, and what you can eat. 

Joint replacement surgery in Gurgaon is successful for most people. If any problem occurs like blood clots, injuries in the blood vessel, infection, new joint loosening, and many more, it is treatable. 

End Thoughts

Deciding whether or not to go for the joint replacement surgery in Gurgaon is a major decision. Thus, consider all your options and go for the surgery from the best hospital in the city. Select the best alternative after considering the benefits of joint replacement surgery and resume your life again like before.

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