Amazons AMZPKK does in 2024 what the Bitcoins ETFs fail to do


After the SEC has finally decided to approve the Bitcoin ETFs and considers Ethereum ETFs for March or April, the tech giant and e-commerce leader Amazon pushed their own native token, which is the AMZ Token and the Amazonwallet in preparation to launch a full digital, token based marketplace in 2024. So far during the past years there have been rumors that Amazon would eventually go that route but it has not been confirmed until now. Amazon tokens are available during the exclusive pre-sale offer for 1 USD per 1 AMZ Token and they will also come with a bonus which is based on the customer’s purchase value. There are a few affiliated partner pages which are distributing invite codes which can be used to get into the Amazon pre-sale. This article also provides one of these invite codes you can use to be eligible for the AMZ Tokens presale.

The AMZ tokens are stored within the Amazonwallet app which is available for desktop PCs and mobile devices and they can be exchanged at any time, as this wallet also works as a quick seamless exchange for digital assets.

Amazon plans to run a digital marketplace and the AMZ Tokens will have their main use there, but they will also integrate within all Amazon stores and allow the possibility of buying Amazon products online using these tokens as a payment method. It is said on the official presale page that some of the benefits include 10% cheaper product prices when using AMZ Tokens as payment method, cheaper services such as the Amazon Prime subscription and several staking options within the app. Staking crypto currencies is a concept where you can lock the tokens for a fixed amount of time in which you cannot sell them but you will get interest earnings of up to 7% a year (APR) on these tokens automatically. In the early stage where AMZ Tokens still have a cheap price this can lead in an overall good net return.

With the knowledge of 2024 already being stacked up in terms of general crypto currency news this might be the final spark to raise interest for casual customers, which so far may not have been interested in crypto currencies at all. Amazon tokens are easy to understand and use and they can be a useful addition for any Amazon customer in the world.

There are also plans to run NFTs and other assets within the new digital marketplace for Amazon later this year. While the NFT market in general had huge downswings ever since the original hype for them it is still a reasonable question to be asked how and when digital assets will become a mainstream thing and we are curious to see whether Amazon playing into this has an effect. One Amazon spokesman confirmed to us that the digital products and marketplace have been one of the keystones in Amazon’s planning for the future years starting 2024. Amazon can definitely have the right ressources to setup such a marketplace in a large scale and provide easy access even to casual users.

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