A Reminder About the Absolute Power of Nature, Xiaoyu Zhang’s Prestigious Award-winning project, ‘Vaso Smart Planning System’ Ticks All Right Boxes.

Content-driven, intricate, and incredibly powerful, the project Vaso Smart Planning System speaks volumes of the abundant talent present worldwide and, if given the right opportunity at the right time, can shine, proving themselves on a mega stage. While this is true, it is also a fact that only some dare to take their work to internationally acclaimed competitions, and fewer manage to survive through pressure situations and unprecedented challenges. Among the few is Red Dot Design Award winner Xiaoyu Zhang, the man behind the Vaso project.

Mr. Zhang’s unorthodox approach to restoring the now-lost realities about nature is a distinguishing factor in his career from that of his contemporaries. The young product designer believes that the immense power and in-depth layers of complexity nature has in store have yet to be tried to be understood by humans. He is vigilant, attentive, and extremely eager about nature, so he stumbled upon the idea of working on plants. In a casual hangout with friends somewhere in Sweden, Xiaoyu was left intrigued by the conversation about plants having a healthful impact on the overall mental well-being of a person.

From a simple conversation with no intention to bring about a change, it became a mega-project breakthrough for the designer. A tale of dedication, hard work, and sheer passion, the story reinstates the famous saying that fortune favors the brave. In this case, the brave created his fortune and decided his favors! Reflecting on the project, it was a journey from a simple conversation to designing a meaningful product. This experience remains unforgettable, highlighting the transformative power of design in making a positive difference in people’s lives,’ shared Mr. Zhang.Vaso Smart Planting System

The new age of artists from all over the world has a clear articulation of their goals. Watching them be determined to impact society positively through their work is a delightful sight. Individuals like Mr. Zhang are assets wherever they go and deserve to be respected and recognized on all leading platforms. He has previously won many awards, including A’ Design Awards, IDA, and Good Design Awards.


Most people see that an individual was honored with an international award. They need to know what goes into the process to achieve this moment. Mr. Zhang’s journey in creating this project is a story no short of resilience and commitment. The formidable challenge of executing the Vaso Smart Planting System was the integration of copious amounts of minuscule electronic components in a compact space. It took extensive research and multiple experiments to determine that the reverse-engineering approach was best suited for the project. After long hours of work, pulling graveyard shifts, and working as if there was no weekend and life outside, it was all worth it once the project was recognized at one of the most prestigious and oldest platforms for design awards, the Red Dot.

The Red Dot Design Award is given annually to the individual whose project receives the maximum votes and positive remarks from the jury at the event. The jury includes renowned design experts from different continents who ensure that every decision is made on merit and the participants are evaluated based only on their projects. Representatives of tech giants such as Apple, Ferrari, and Google also compete for the award. In a pool of participants from almost 50 countries, Xiaoyu was ahead of everyone this year.

In my designs, I aim to innovate for a better world and improve lives

Mr. Zhang, while celebrating the award, shared that the red dot affiliation opens doors to bigger and better opportunities, and he is fully prepared to move on to new projects to showcase all that he has the potential to do. ‘In my designs, I aim to innovate for a better world and improve lives,’ said the award-winning artist designer when questioned about what is at the core of his work ethic.

Please stay tuned for the latest updates on Xiaoyu Zhang’s upcoming projects. Currently, the designer is not active on social media platforms, but is working on something special for his growing fan base in Europe and Asia, who eagerly await his exhibitions.




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Writer: Sherry Lee, GTK PR Agency


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