Why Is Lula Presenting Himself As China & India’s Spokesman On The NATO-Russian Proxy War?

Either Lula is turning senile and thus sincerely believes in his own narcissistic mind that the leaders of the world’s two largest countries lack the confidence to tell everyone what they truly think so they told him to do so in their stead, or he’s deliberately lying about their policies to provoke them.

Brazilian President Lula is an experienced world leader who knows better than to speak on other countries’ behalf, yet that’s precisely what he’s done at least twice already in less than a week’s time when it comes to China and India’s positions on the NATO-Russian proxy war. He first lied on 22 May when tweeting that they “condemn Ukraine’s territorial occupation”, and then he misleadingly implied in a tweet on 26 May that Brazil is coordinating peace efforts with them.

In reality, those two never voted against Russia at the UNGA on this issue, unlike Brazil. Furthermore, they never formally agreed to coordinate anything with it either. Lula’s chief foreign policy advisor Celso Amorim confirmed last month in a lengthy interview that his boss is passionately opposed to Russia’s special operation, which the Brazilian President himself reaffirmed by badmouthing his BRICS partner right after Foreign Minister Lavrov left the country following his latest visit at the time.

Officially speaking, Brazil’s position towards the most geostrategically significant conflict since World War II is poles apart from China and India’s policy of principled neutrality, which is why it’s so odd that Lula has begun presenting himself as their spokesman. The most compelling hypothesis for why he’s doing so is that he wants to taint their stances by false association with his in order to mislead the Global South about where those two truly stand.

He’s manipulating the public’s imagination about the substance of his talks with their leaders to make them think that they secretly approved of him speaking on their behalf. Nothing of the sort happened, and both likely feel very uncomfortable with him spreading fake news about their policies in last week’s tweets and implying something that never took place in his latest one. Nevertheless, they’re in a diplomatic bind of sorts since setting the record straight risks widening the rift within BRICS.

The only thing that Lula has in common with them is his belief in financial multipolarity since the remainder of his worldview is more closely aligned with the US’ ruling liberalglobalist Democrats with whom he reportedly proposed launching a global influence platform during his trip to DC in February. Those who haven’t been closely following him since his re-election can learn more about his grand strategy here and here, which can be summarized as clumsily balancing between China and the US.

Lula thinks that he can de-dollarize with China while proselytizing liberal-globalism across the world in joint partnership with the US, but he’s having difficulty pulling this off as proven by how willingly he submitted to being Zelensky’s beta during the G7 after being stood up by the Ukrainian leader. It was right after his ritual humiliation, which he participated in as proof of fealty to the US, that he tweeted his lie about China and India “condemning Ukraine’s territorial occupation”.

Several days later, he then tweeted the innuendo that those two and Brazil are coordinating peace efforts, which he claims to have talked about in his latest call with President Putin. About that, a source that was familiar with their discussion informed TASS later that day that Lula told his Russian counterpart that “he got the impression that other participants in the summit who are not G7 members were invited only to be turned against Russia. He said that it won’t work with Brazil.”

He didn’t present himself that way in public at the time, however, thus making it seem like he’s just trying to further mislead President Putin about Brazil’s true stance towards everything. Not only that, but the source also revealed that Lula claimed during their talks that India shares Brazil’s suspicions about last week’s event, which he hinted was shared with him during his meeting with Prime Minister Modi in Hiroshima.

If he really said what was reported, then it would represent the third time that he spoke on behalf of India. There are reasons to be skeptical that Prime Minister Modi expressed anything of the sort to Lula, however. India has been invited to the G7 as a guest every year since 2019 due to its growing importance in the global economy, which advances grand strategic goal of multi-aligning between all key players in the New Cold War.

This South Asian Great Power aspires to maximize its strategic autonomy with a view towards informally leading the Global South, which its intended to restore a semblance of balance to International Relations during these chaotic times. Considering the abovementioned insight, it’s extremely unlikely that Prime Minister Modi suspected that the only reason that India was invited to this year’s G7 was to turn it against Russia, and it’s even less likely that he confided about this to Lula of all people.

Returning to TASS’ report, it should be taken for granted that their source is truly knowledgeable about the content of Lula’s call with President Putin since this publicly financed international media flagship wouldn’t report on this part of their talks if they weren’t fully confident of its veracity. Observers should therefore assume that the Brazilian leader did indeed convey such a message about India’s stance to his counterpart, thus meaning that he once again spoke on its behalf in a way that distorted its policies.

It’s doubtful that Lula made three supposedly “innocent mistakes” in a row less than a week apart when it comes to mipsortraying India’s position towards the NATO-Russian proxy war and its relations with the West. Rather, he seems to be provoking his BRICS partner to publicly set the record straight, which risks creating the pretext upon which Western propagandists can then widen the rift that’s emerging within this organization due to Lula’s role as the US’ Trojan Horse within it and the Global South more broadly.

The same motive can be attributed to him lying about China allegedly “condemning Ukraine’s territorial occupation” and then misleadingly making it seem like it, India, and his country are all coordinating their peace efforts despite his diplomats voting for an UNGA Resolution that demands Russia’s full withdrawal. By speaking on those two’s behalf in ways that distort their policies, Lula is hoping to sow the seeds of suspicion between them and Russia while also fueling divide-and-rule information warfare campaigns.

He only speaks on behalf of his own country so it’s dishonest to present himself as anyone else’s spokesman like he reportedly did during his call with President Putin and in his two recent tweets about Ukraine. Either Lula is turning senile and thus sincerely believes in his own narcissistic mind that the leaders of the world’s two largest countries lack the confidence to tell everyone what they truly think so they told him to do so in their stead, or he’s deliberately lying about their policies to provoke them.

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