The Next Crypto Sensation: Base’s Mainnet Launch And What It Means For You

Coinbase Global Inc COIN-backed blockchain network Base is preparing for an impending mainnet launch, subject to a few key prerequisites being achieved.

Base, which is focused on ensuring a secure network, announced the mainnet launch is contingent on proven testnet stability, a successful upgrade of Bedrock by Optimism and the conclusion of audits and reviews.

“The fulfillment of these launch conditions are pivotal for us as we’re devoted to secure network operations,” the team at Base stated in a blog post.

The much-awaited Bedrock upgrade by Optimism OP/USD, slated for June, is expected to bolster the security and robustness of the Optimism mainnet bridge.

This enhancement is deemed crucial for projects developed on it, including Base.

Employing Optimism’s OP Stack development software, Base has been developed as a rollup network, mirroring Optimism.

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Its key objective is to perform off-chain computations on a second layer to enable faster, more economical transactions while retaining the security benefits of the Ethereum ETH/USD mainnet.

Moreover, this solution might potentially emerge as the default Layer 2 network for on-chain products from Coinbase.

The Base team revealed that the testnet has garnered attention from various developers and projects such as Blackbird, Thirdweb, OAK, and Parallel.

Prominent DeFi platforms such as Uniswap UNI/USD and Aave AAVE/USD are also contemplating deployment on Base once it becomes operational.

Following the mainnet launch later this year, the network will enter a “genesis window” period.

During this phase, developers will have the opportunity to deploy apps with the direct backing of the Base core team.

The team affirmed it has no plans to issue a network token.

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